Naturally, homeowners don’t want their AC leaking water. Some even wonder if leakage suggests a problem with the system. Luckily, not every leaky AC needs to be replaced. Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning knows the difference between which problems need professional assistance and which ones don’t. When hot and humid weather hits southern … Continued

Aeroseal Technology Now Available for Greater Efficiency and Better Air Quality With spring fast approaching, homeowners need to prepare and start saving energy by getting the best out of your heating and cooling system. Here are a few HVAC energy efficiency tips to help save money with your heating and cooling equipment. We’re also excited … Continued

Fall’s on its way, which means it’s time to run through Ray & Son’s heat pump or furnace tune up checklist. It’s important to get your South Georgia heating system ready for chilly weather! Learn what’s included, how often it’s needed, and how to save on needed furnace and heat pump maintenance. How Often Do … Continued

Summer rolled in quickly this year – are you prepared for the cost of a new air conditioner? You might be surprised to learn the upfront cost actually saves you money in the long run. Outdated systems in Georgia’s heat do you no favors. Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning has all the answers to all … Continued

In the south like Georgia and Florida, we heavily depend on our cooling systems so you may wonder, how often should I service my air conditioner? It’s a great question because many people don’t realize it needs to be done at all!  In this blog, we’ll review why you should service your air conditioning system, if you … Continued

Residents of Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia know how crucial an HVAC system upgrade is for a comfortable life in the South. When HVAC systems need an upgrade, homeowners can tell. Comfort quickly declines as the heat and humidity rise. An upgrade to your HVAC system stops these problems before they surface. When You’re Ready for … Continued

Georgia and Florida residents with gas furnaces must be especially vigilant this heating season. If you use a gas furnace or any gas-fueled appliance, such as a gas oven, gas clothes dryer or gas fireplace, you should be sensitive to the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. What is Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless, … Continued

Ductless may be the best thing you have never heard of… One of the “coolest” HVAC advances is modern ductless air conditioners. Gone are the clunky, noisy, inefficient window units, and also the security risk they pose. If you’re unfamiliar with these new ductless cooling units, call us at Ray & Son. We’d love to share … Continued

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is upon us! Unbelievable deals! Doorbusters! Huge savings! Bargains galore in every store! It’s the perfect time to save big on…HVAC systems? That’s right, Black Friday isn’t just for TVs and tablets. You might be surprised to learn how much you can save on heating and air conditioning systems at … Continued

Heating and cooling loads measure the amount of energy that your HVAC systems need to generate to keep your home comfortable in every season. The higher your home’s heating and cooling load, the more you’ll pay on monthly energy bills. While each home has its own specific comfort needs, every homeowner has the opportunity to … Continued

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