Ductless Air Conditioners Are a Smart Solution

Ductless may be the best thing you have never heard of…

One of the “coolest” HVAC advances is modern ductless air conditioners. Gone are the clunky, noisy, inefficient window units, and also the security risk they pose. If you’re unfamiliar with these new ductless cooling units, call us at Ray & Son. We’d love to share our expertise with you, and we will provide a free estimate on installing a system for you.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioners

Zone Control. If you have certain rooms you use more often, ductless air conditioners boost the cooling power of your central air conditioning. This type of system fixes “hot spots.” By adding cooling units to the one to three most used rooms in your home, you can set your main air conditioner to a higher temperature.

No Ductwork Limitations. If you have an older home, you might find the architecture limits your ability to effectively deliver cool air to every room. Or if you are adding onto a structure, you don’t need to worry about connecting to existing ductwork.

Better Indoor Air Quality. Say your husband likes to smoke cigars. Normally, the odor and smoke would travel throughout your entire house, via the HVAC system. Because ductless air conditioners are not connected, they only circulate the air within a specific space.

Energy Efficiency. Most ductless air conditioner models are more energy efficient than the old window units. Many are even Energy Star rated! The cost to run the unit is much less.

Security and Structure Integrity. Some people experience concerns about a window unit providing access for intruders to enter. A ductless air conditioner is wall-mounted, and it only requires a three-inch hole to connect the electrical and refrigerant lines between the indoor and exterior components.

Better Control and Appearance. Most ductless air conditioners easily blend in with existing decor. Many homeowners forget they’re even there! Control your unit’s settings with a remote for easy access.

Quiet. Because the “noisy” part of the unit is outside, the interior component remains unobtrusive.  

Heat Function. What? It’s true. Ductless units have a heat function, to allow you to blow the chill off the room during the winter. You can enjoy your morning coffee, even on cold mornings as you wait for the sun to catch up.

Ductless Air Conditioners Need Regular Maintenance, Too

Homeowner maintenance for ductless air conditioners consists mainly of a monthly filter check. Change the filter or clean it as necessary. If you live in a high-pollen area or have many pets, you need to change it monthly.

Beyond this regular maintenance, schedule a check up with a NATE-certified technician from Ray & Son twice a year. For the most convenience, join a service plan such as Ray & Son’s Comfort Club. You will receive two cleanings and 17-point seasonal tune-ups for your HVAC systems.

Members also enjoy a “repair-free guarantee”! After an annual tune-up of your air conditioning unit, we guarantee no repairs will be needed for 90 days. If you do, we refund the cost of the tune-up.

In fact, if your energy bill is the same or higher compared to the same period and usage last year, we’ll refund the difference.

Free Estimates on Ductless Air Conditioners

Want to know more about ductless air conditioners? Call Ray & Son for a free estimate. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we stock a variety of models. We can find the right unit for you and your budget. We also offer multiple finance options to meet your needs.

At Ray & Son, we celebrate over 50 years as a provider “Where Service is our Business and Quality is a Way of Life!” Contact Ray & Son today for all your HVAC repair, service and install needs in southern Georgia and northern Florida.

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