Furnace Tune Up Checklist

Fall’s on its way, which means it’s time to run through Ray & Son’s heat pump or furnace tune up checklist. It’s important to get your South Georgia heating system ready for chilly weather! Learn what’s included, how often it’s needed, and how to save on needed furnace and heat pump maintenance.

How Often Do I Need Furnace Maintenance?

South Georgia and North Florida homes with furnace heating systems require maintenance once per year. For heat pumps, we recommend tune ups twice a year – once before cooling season and once before heating season. Ideally, complete the furnace tune up checklist in the early fall, before outdoor temperatures begin to dip.

Why Do Furnaces Need Regular Tune Ups?

  • Furnace maintenance improves system performance to deliver better comfort over the entirety of heating season.
  • Preventive service boosts the furnace’s energy efficiency, this helps homeowners save money on the heating bills ahead!
  • A furnace tune up is an opportunity to catch minor problems and solve them before major breakdowns occur, which leave you without heating when you need it most. Prevent HVAC repair needs when we catch issues before they become headaches.
  • Early fall is the right time to schedule to ensure your furnace is ready to go when that first cool day arrives. Don’t be stuck in a panic when your furnace doesn’t start!
  • Many HVAC equipment manufacturers require annual furnace maintenance to maintain warranty coverage. Skipping the furnace maintenance checklist may void your warranty.

Why Do Heat Pumps Need Two Tune Ups?

Because heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, a heat pump works all year long. It needs two tune ups to address both heating and air conditioning needs. A furnace needs one annual tune up because the air conditioner gets the other one.

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The Furnace Tune Up Checklist

The furnace tune up checklist addresses key components of the heating system. These tasks are designed to resolve wear and tear issues, boost performance and efficiency, and ensure the system’s safety.

Ray and Son’s Furnace Tune Up Checklist Includes:

  • Complete furnace inspection
  • Thorough cleaning of components
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Replacement of worn components, such as belts
  • Calibration for all mechanisms
  • Connection and fastener tightening
  • Switches and controls tests
  • Thermostat tests
  • Furnace performance evaluation

How to Save on Preventive Maintenance? Comfort Club Savings!

It’s easy to forget a furnace tune up, as it’s out of sight, out of mind until the first chilly night. Don’t wait to discover performance issues that prevent proper heating or suffer breakdowns. You can imagine how busy HVAC technicians are once the temperature drops. Eliminate the wait with the Comfort Club!

Comfort Club membership includes scheduled tune ups for furnaces (and air conditioners, too!). We call you when it’s time to schedule service so you don’t forget! We make it as easy to take care of your HVAC system as we can.

Comfort Club membership also provides some valuable benefits beyond the completion of the furnace tune up checklist.

  • If your furnace requires any repairs in the 90-day period following your furnace tune up, our Repair-Free Guarantee pays you back for these costs.
  • Your tune ups are guaranteed to pay for themselves! If energy savings in the 90-day period following your furnace tune up are below the cost of the service, we write you a check for the difference.

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Has Your Furnace Had It?

If your furnace is 8 to 10 years old, is inefficient or has cost you more in repairs than you care to admit, it’s time to consider a new one. When you upgrade your furnace you upgrade your comfort and air quality. HVAC technology has increased efficiency a lot in the last decade.

This translates into big savings on your utility bill. Consider an upgrade to a variable-speed system and enjoy more consistent temperatures as well as lower energy costs.

Ray & Son is pleased to offer finance options so you can enjoy all these benefits right away while you spread out payments.

Request a free quote today at 229-218-8866.

Remember, it’s important for an HVAC professional to measure and calculate the precise size you need. Don’t let an HVAC contractor install one that’s “plenty big” or even the same size as your current one without doing the math.

An improperly-sized HVAC unit causes problems, so use a quality HVAC contractor like Ray & Son for your furnace installation needs.

Schedule Ray & Son to Complete the Furnace Tune Up Checklist at Your Home!

Don’t leave your furnace unprotected this heating season. Make an appointment with Ray & Son to complete your fall preventive maintenance now!

In just an hour or two, our friendly and NATE certified HVAC technicians complete your furnace tune up checklist. Regular service boosts your heating system’s efficiency and performance. This provides better comfort and lowers heating bills.

Contact us today to schedule your fall furnace tune up or to join the Comfort Club for the best value.

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