How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

In the south like Georgia and Florida, we heavily depend on our cooling systems so you may wonder, how often should I service my air conditioner? It’s a great question because many people don’t realize it needs to be done at all! 

In this blog, we’ll review why you should service your air conditioning system, if you need to service your AC every year, how much an HVAC tune up costs and what you can expect during an AC service visit.

Why Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

An air conditioner is a mechanical device and in order to work as designed, it needs regular maintenance. Routine AC service provides many benefits including: 

  • A longer equipment lifespan
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Fewer allergens in the home
  • Repair and breakdown prevention

In addition, most manufacturer warranties require owners to maintain the equipment with regular AC maintenance from professional HVAC contractors to stay compliant. Don’t risk your warranty with equipment neglect! 

Serviced equipment is cleaner and operates more reliably. Regular HVAC inspections also catch minor issues before they blossom into big AC repairs or worse, breakdowns. 

Do I Need to Service My AC Every Year?

Short answer: yes. Even if it’s new? Still yes. We recommend an AC tune up every spring, if possible. This is a great idea for two reasons: 

  1. An air conditioner tune up in spring prepares it for the stress of hot weather ahead.
  2. You’ll enjoy greater flexibility in scheduling because once summer hits, most HVAC contractors are busy around the clock for repairs and breakdowns. Get your tune up before everyone remembers they need it!

If you use a furnace, schedule a heating tune up in the fall. Our technicians will make sure your AC is tucked in for the season and prep your furnace for the colder weather. 

If you use a heat pump, it needs service twice a year. Why? Because a heat pump both heats and cools, it works year-round. Unlike furnaces and air conditioners, it never enjoys an “offseason.” Schedule visits twice a year for this HVAC workhorse.  

How Much Does it Cost to Service an AC Unit?

Most HVAC contractors run specials but it depends on each home’s equipment. Some folks have a single air conditioner, some have both a furnace and an AC, some use a heat pump while others have a central air system plus a couple of ductless air conditioners. 

The simplest method is to join a service plan, such as Ray & Son’s Comfort Club. Membership includes two scheduled 17-point seasonal tune ups and cleanings for your heating and cooling systems, including both indoor and outdoor components. 

If your home has a different system than an AC and furnace, we’re happy to customize a plan just for you. Once you’re a member, you won’t have to remember how often to service your air conditioner, we’ll call you!

What to Expect During an AC Service Visit

When you call Ray & Son for an AC service visit, you’ll enjoy the expertise of a NATE-certified technician. NATE, or North American Technician Excellence, is America’s largest nonprofit certification organization for techs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. 

He or she introduces themselves, covers their shoes with booties to protect your home and asks about the location of the thermostat and indoor HVAC system. From there, they check the communication between the thermostat and the HVAC units. 

After a comprehensive inspection, your technician cleans, lubricates and tests all relevant components such as belts, capacitors, and controls. Once complete, the technician reviews any concerns with you and provides a report for your records. 

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Bonus! What You Can Do to Service Your Air Conditioner

In between visits from your professional HVAC technician, you can handle a few DIY tasks. For example…

Check the Air Filter. Every month, check the AC filter. If it’s dirty, replace it. Most people change theirs every two to three months. If you smoke, own pets or are sensitive to allergens, a monthly filter change may be necessary. According to, a simple filter change can reduce your air conditioner’s energy use up to 15 percent. 

Clear Yard Waste from the AC Compressor. Keep lawn clippings, plants and leaves from collecting around the outside AC compressor unit. It needs good airflow to work properly. Walk around after storms and remove any twigs or other debris. 

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner? If You Can’t Remember the Last One, Call Ray & Son

There’s no judgment, we just want your air conditioner to work well for you, so call Ray & Son at 229-218-8866 for a preventive maintenance appointment, to sign up for the Comfort Club or for an estimate on a new AC unit, if your air conditioner is close to ten years old. 

HVAC efficiency has improved a lot in the last decade and as a Carrier ® Factory Authorized Dealer, we’re proud to offer a variety of energy-efficient heating and air systems. 

Concerned about the household budget? Don’t worry, we also offer multiple financing options. Finance a new air conditioner and enjoy lower electric bills and a new warranty while you spread out payments.

We handle all brands when it comes to AC maintenance and repairs. We’re also available for emergency AC repairs, 24/7 so call us if you need us, especially if health and safety are at risk.

Our team of HVAC techs serves communities in and around northern Florida and southern Georgia, such as Valdosta, Lakeland, Nashville, Ashburn, Fitzgerald, Madison, Tifton, Douglas, and Lennox. For more than 50 years Ray and Son has shown customers “Where Service is our Business and Quality is a Way of Life!”

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