What’s the Cost of a New Air Conditioner in Georgia?

Summer rolled in quickly this year – are you prepared for the cost of a new air conditioner? You might be surprised to learn the upfront cost actually saves you money in the long run.

Outdated systems in Georgia’s heat do you no favors. Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning has all the answers to all your AC cost questions.

Why Invest in Air Conditioning

Initially, prices of new air conditioning units cause homeowners to push off an upgrade. However, once you learn the benefits of an updated system, those worries quickly dissolve. Here’s why you need to invest in air conditioning.

Save energy

First and foremost, a new air conditioning system uses less energy than older models. The less energy used by air conditioning, the more money you save. When an AC uses more energy than needed, utility bills go up. Most older models were created with lower efficiency levels or have lost efficiency over time. Because of this, it is crucial to upgrade your system to meet the current energy efficiency standards—and lower your bill!

New warranty

Warranties on old air conditioners expire as models age. With a new air conditioner, warranties provide you with the assurance that if manufacturing defects occur, you’re covered. Most air conditioning systems last 15 to 20 years nowadays, so you want warranty protection against unexpected expenses!

Keep in mind, however, air conditioners in the South often wear out earlier because they get such a workout. To extend the lifespan as long as possible, be sure to book preventive maintenance each year. Make it easy with a Comfort Club membership from Ray & Son.

Quality assurance

Like all upgraded technology, an up-to-date air conditioner ensures quality air circulating through your home. Today’s systems use the newest technology to cool any space with the least amount of energy. Plus, breakdowns happen more often with old systems, so with an upgrade, ease the worry regarding sudden malfunctions.

Fewer repairs negate the cost of a new air conditioner

Along with fewer breakdowns, a new air conditioning unit needs fewer repairs. Then, when it does need repairs, parts are readily available. Plus your new warranty may cover the repairs your system needs. Older systems require parts which may no longer circulate in major retailers, so a new system ensures parts are always available!

Health and Safety

In many cases, a working air conditioner is a matter of health and safety for residents. Air conditioners extract heat and moisture from the air, which reduces humidity indoors. Excessive humidity is often a trigger for certain respiratory and cardiac conditions.

In addition, good ventilation and humidity control improve air quality indoors. Finally, infants and the elderly have a tough time tolerating extreme heat. So, if a family member fits into any of these categories, seriously consider the true cost of a new air conditioner.

What is the Cost of a New Air Conditioner? Nashville, Valdosta & the surrounding areas

Of course, the actual cost of a new air conditioner still concerns some homeowners. The cost of a new air conditioner varies based on several factors:

  • The model you choose
  • The size needed to adequately cool your home. Remember, bigger is not better!
  • Extra needs to accommodate installation, such as ductwork repairs or installation

Still, there are options out there for you. With HVAC finance options plus the savings from lower energy bills and a new warranty covering any repairs, it’s a smart move for a lot of households.

  • HVAC Financing plans. In emergency replacement situations, a finance plan ensures affordable options when your air conditioning quits. Financing options allow homeowners to pay smaller upfront costs and set up payment plans to stay on budget until the system is paid off. Enjoy the benefits of a new system (and the lower electric bills!) sooner than later.
  • Invest in maintenance before breakdowns. One of the best ways to combat high upfront costs stems from preventive care. The cost of a new air conditioner far exceeds that of an annual maintenance check. Because of this, invest in regular service to your air conditioning system. It not only ensures the quality of the unit, but prevents costly repairs and breakdowns.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate on the Cost of a New Air Conditioner

The cost of a new air conditioner seems expensive, but when broken down into manageable chunks your budget stays intact. Remember to keep your air conditioner well-maintained to prevent unexpected breakdowns that put pressure on costs.

Georgia gets too hot to fiddle around with faulty air conditioning. Instead, listen to these tips from Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure the quality of your air conditioner. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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