Naturally, homeowners don’t want their AC leaking water. Some even wonder if leakage suggests a problem with the system. Luckily, not every leaky AC needs to be replaced. Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning knows the difference between which problems need professional assistance and which ones don’t. When hot and humid weather hits southern … Continued

Aeroseal Technology Now Available for Greater Efficiency and Better Air Quality With spring fast approaching, homeowners need to prepare and start saving energy by getting the best out of your heating and cooling system. Here are a few HVAC energy efficiency tips to help save money with your heating and cooling equipment. We’re also excited … Continued

Regular air conditioner maintenance is important. It helps you keep your cooling device from malfunctioning during the most hot and uncomfortable times of the year. By not scheduling summer AC service, you could be putting yourself at risk of up to a 5% decrease in cooling efficiency. That adds up to some serious money over the … Continued

It’s getting warmer here in the south – are you ready to handle your air conditioner tune up checklist? No? That’s just fine. Ray & Son has 50 years of experience to bring to your air conditioning equipment whether you use an air conditioner, heat pump or ductless mini-split. To keep your home cool and comfortable, it’s … Continued

Ductless may be the best thing you have never heard of… One of the “coolest” HVAC advances is modern ductless air conditioners. Gone are the clunky, noisy, inefficient window units, and also the security risk they pose. If you’re unfamiliar with these new ductless cooling units, call us at Ray & Son. We’d love to share … Continued

There’s a lot of jargon and industry terminology that gets tossed around in the HVAC business. There’s furnaces and heating systems, and then air conditioning and cooling units. Then, there’s a whole separate deal: heat pumps. But, just what are they, and how do they work? In this blog post, we’ll review what heat pumps are, and what … Continued

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