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At Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, we apply more than 50 years of experience to every customer interaction. Whether you need a ductless mini-split to boost the warmth on chilly mornings or a complex installation in a multiple-story resort, we’re there for you.


Be prepared for those chilly days with a reliable and efficient system.

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No matter the issue, Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning can fix your furnace. Call us today!

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Regular maintenance is important to a long system lifetime.

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Let Us Handle Your Heating

We know heating in places such as Valdosta or Nashville, Georgia are often tricky. Our climate isn’t known for cold weather, but when it’s chilly, we feel it! We know in addition to general comfort, heating is often critical for health and safety.

We offer a 100% guarantee our customers will be fully satisfied, as well as after hours service. Finally, our techs are NATE-certified and our locally-owned company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

We’ve seen it all in our five+ decades of experience in our family’s business. Give us a call at (229) 215-8223 and we’ll take care of you.

Heating Systems We Service

Gas Furnace
One of the most common ways to heat and cool a home, is to pair an air conditioner with a furnace in a traditional central heating and air set-up. A furnace actually generates heat and warms the air as it passes through it. A furnace, usually fueled by natural gas, combusts fuel and heats a component called a heat exchanger.

The furnace fan pulls air into the ductwork from the rooms and pushes the air through the furnace. As air passes over the heat exchanger, it absorbs the heat. The furnace fan pushes the warmed air back through the ducts to the rooms.

Conversely, air conditioners don’t “cool” the air; they remove the heat and moisture from it. Most people use a gas furnace, although some homes use oil or electricity to create the heat. In general, a gas furnace lasts an average of 20 to 25 years.

Some homeowners choose to replace closer to the 15-year mark, due to several reasons. In some cases, the homeowner chooses to replace an inefficient model, because energy efficiency has improved so much in the last 10 to 20 years.

Sometimes homeowners “inherit” a furnace when purchasing a home and find the current furnace was neglected and needs expensive repairs.

Ductless Mini-Splits
Ductless units come as heat pumps or just as air conditioners, depending on your needs. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, technicians connect indoor refrigerant and electrical lines through a three-inch hole to the outdoor condenser unit.

Quiet and often ENERGY STAR-rated for efficiency, they come with a remote control. They are great for older houses with complicated architecture or without ductwork.

Some homeowners with central air choose to install ductless units in the two or three areas of the home used the most. Keep your central air lower in the winter, for example, and amplify the heating in rooms where you spend the most time with ductless heat pumps.

This setup is one way to enjoy zoned heating and cooling. And, because the air does not rely on ducts, it contains fewer contaminants.

So you may use ductless technology to heat and cool one room or an entire home. Always wanted “zoned heating and cooling?” Boost the heating or cooling in a single room during extreme temps or enjoy customized temperatures in specific rooms.

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Heat Pumps
Many people in Georgia and North Florida use a heat pump to both heat and cool a home. In the winter, it pumps in warm air from outdoors and sends it through the ductwork. In warmer weather, it reverses its process and like an air conditioner, it exhausts heat from the indoor air outside.

Our industry recommends an annual tune up for furnaces, but two tune-ups each year for heat pumps because they work all year. Unlike a traditional AC/furnace set up, heat pumps never get an “off season.”

For years, heat pumps have been more common in the South and anywhere heating is needed less often. Unlike a furnace, heat pumps don’t combust a fuel to create heat. They simply move heat from one place to another.

During the coldest temperatures, heat pumps use electrically-powered “heat strips” to warm air passing through the air handler. Historically, this is an expensive heat source compared to a gas furnace. Technology, however, continues to improve and increase heat pump efficiency, even for heating.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps
Also known as an air-source heat pump, a traditional model pulls heat from the air. A geothermal heat pump, on the other hand, performs the same process from the ground or a nearby water source, such as a pond or lake.

When cooling, the geothermal heat pump exhausts the indoor heat through a series of ground loops to the ground or water. Geothermal heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, compared to traditional heating and air systems.

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