3 Signs You’re Ready for an HVAC System Upgrade in Georgia

Residents of Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia know how crucial an HVAC system upgrade is for a comfortable life in the South. When HVAC systems need an upgrade, homeowners can tell. Comfort quickly declines as the heat and humidity rise. An upgrade to your HVAC system stops these problems before they surface.

When You’re Ready for an HVAC System Upgrade

It’s tricky to tell if you need an upgrade for your HVAC system, but an HVAC system upgrade should occur if you notice these three things.

Your System Has Seen Better Days

First, check the purchase date of your HVAC system. Older systems are simply not as efficient as new ones; however, age alone may not be a major problem. If your HVAC system is old but still functions, a tune-up helps improve performance. Ray & Son offers our Comfort Club program, so you have convenient essential preventative maintenance for your HVAC equipment.

Incorrect size

This may seem silly, but a properly fitted HVAC system doesn’t have as many problems as an improperly-sized one. You need an HVAC system upgrade if a professional assesses your system and determines it is either too big or too small for your space.

Before the heat of the summer hits, schedule maintenance to determine if your system fits just right. An incorrectly-sized HVAC system may short cycle, require more repairs than normal, drive up energy bills and leave you with uneven temperatures in your home.

Energy efficient

Last, check if your HVAC system is energy efficient. The environment and your wallet will thank you. An energy-efficient system keeps your costs low while also effectively cooling your home. This goes hand-in-hand with older systems.

New systems are built for energy efficiency, so an upgrade is necessary if your system is older than 12-15 years. In the south, average air conditioner “life expectancy” tends to be closer to 12 years, simply because we really work them!

If these don’t seem to be the problem, consider this bonus tip…

Refrigerant leak

If your HVAC system has been professionally recharged with refrigerant and there seems to be no improvement,  you may have a leak on your hands. An HVAC system upgrade may not be necessary for this problem; however, contact Ray & Son for a repair.

An outdated system may be the root of the problem. In that case, it’s best to consider an upgrade rather than a repair.

More About Comfort Club Benefits

Save yourself from an unnecessary HVAC system upgrade with the help of our Comfort Club service. With a low monthly cost, access to premium services to keep your HVAC system in check.

In Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia, Ray & Son keeps residents comfortable while keeping their best interests in mind. To get the most from your current HVAC system, schedule tune-ups twice a year. These tune-ups include cleanings, so your HVAC system is free of debris and operates at its best.

Contact Us For a Free HVAC System Upgrade Estimate

Ray & Son wants you to live comfortably in your home. This advice helps you determine the right time to get an HVAC system upgrade.

If you have any questions about HVAC systems, or if you’d like us to check your system, contact us today for reliable, timely service. We want to help you with your HVAC system. For more than 50 years Ray & Son has helped Georgians with their heating and cooling needs.

We recently introduced Aeroseal technology into our services. This service coats the inside of your ductwork and seals leaks. The majority of homes have leaks in their ductwork which causes various problems.

More dirt, dust and contaminants find their way into your indoor air. A portion of the air you’ve paid to heat or cool vanishes through these cracks before it reaches the rooms of your home. The pressure imbalance causes your HVAC equipment to work harder.

This strain accelerates HVAC repair needs. Call us or go online and request a free energy audit or Aeroseal estimate today. Just like with any HVAC system upgrade, we offer finance options.

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