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Power outages in Nashville, Valdosta & the surrounding areas are unavoidable. Caused by violent storms and equipment failure due to an overloaded grid, the inconvenience can last for a few minutes or days at a time. There’s no need to deal with disruption, damage, discomfort, or safety risks. A standby generator provides an electrical power source within seconds of a blackout. You don’t need to be on the premises to start it up or worry about refueling. You simply continue with everyday life and operations.

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Interested in the many benefits of a whole-house generator? Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in residential and commercial power solutions across Valdosta, Clyattville, Quitman, Hahira, Nashville, Adel, Lakeland, Eldorado, Tifton, Douglas, and Moultrie, GA. We tailor our recommendations to suit your exact requirements and goals, handle proper installation of quality equipment, and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Family owned, we look forward to protecting your home or business with unmatched value and sustainable solutions. Give us a call at (229) 215-8223 and always speak with a live and helpful agent.

Is a standby generator the right choice for you? Check out some of the many advantages:

  • Swift and automatic delivery of power in the event of a failure
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature through continued heating and cooling operation
  • Refrigerators and freezers run as usual, avoiding food spoilage
  • Self-diagnosis of equipment provides alerts and promotes reliability
  • With no need to refuel, the system runs as long as necessary
  • Continue to enjoy the use of appliances
  • Sump pumps operate during severe weather
  • Choose whether to run specific systems or the entire home or building
  • Defend against power surges, spikes, and brownouts during power failures
  • Power is not transferred to the utility until the voltage has stabilized
  • Permanent installation avoids extension cords
  • No need for backup energy source during emergency
  • Remain on the premises rather than evacuating to a hotel

Why You Need a Backup Generator

A backup generator is a necessity here in south Georgia and north Florida.
Late summer brings hurricanes, tropical storms, and other storms that threaten the power grid and cause rolling blackouts. Wind, rain, and flying debris can inflict long-lasting damage on power lines that takes weeks to fix. A backup generator can help keep your home powered during and after the storm.

Here are a few reasons that a backup generator just makes sense:

  • Your Home Is Ready: Storms and hurricanes bring lightning, rain, and wind. With a backup generator, your fridge, appliances, lights, and phone chargers will continue to get power, and your air conditioner will keep running on hot and humid nights.
  • A System On Standby: Unlike a portable generator that you hand-crank or need to manually turn on, a backup generator for your home is configured to sense when the power goes out, so that it can kick on and ensure a continuous flow of electricity to your home.
  • There When You Are Not: A backup generator ensures that your home is getting power, even when you’re not at home or you’re asleep. A generator is peace of mind while you’re away.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What’s the point of a generator tune-up?
The worst time to find out that your generator isn’t working is when you need it to kick on during a storm. That’s why we recommend scheduling a generator checkup with our team. We’ll make sure that your backup generator is ready to go.

Q2: What’s the difference between these and portable generators?
Portable generators are manual: you have to turn them on. They won’t be much help if your power goes out at night while you’re sleeping or while you’re away. Plus, they often don’t have the juice to power your home and important systems. The difference matters!

Q3: Are there different sizes of generators?
Yes! That’s why we recommend calling our professional team. We’ll be able to measure your home and determine what your backup generator needs are. From there, we can recommend the right generator for purchase and installation.

Q4: Why should I trust Ray & Son with this?
Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Nashville, Valdosta, and southern Georgia for 50 years. That’s five decades of treating customers right and providing professional services from an experienced team. We recommend checking out our reviews. Whether you have an air conditioning, heating, plumbing or home performance issue, Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning remains available for after-hours repairs.

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