Imagine waking up in your charming Valdosta home, where every detail exudes Southern comfort. As you prepare for your day, you notice the subtle inconveniences of your outdated bathroom plumbing fixtures. The faucet drips, the showerhead lacks pressure, and the toilet doesn’t flush as efficiently as it once did. While these issues may seem minor, … Continued

The holiday season will be here before your thermostat knows it! As you plan menus and figure out where the in-laws will sleep, have you thought about how you’ll maintain a comfortable temperature for your guests? Whether your plans include a small party with friends or a sit-down dinner for four generations of the family, we have … Continued

Residents of Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia know how crucial an HVAC system upgrade is for a comfortable life in the South. When HVAC systems need an upgrade, homeowners can tell. Comfort quickly declines as the heat and humidity rise. An upgrade to your HVAC system stops these problems before they surface. When You’re Ready for … Continued

Ductless may be the best thing you have never heard of… One of the “coolest” HVAC advances is modern ductless air conditioners. Gone are the clunky, noisy, inefficient window units, and also the security risk they pose. If you’re unfamiliar with these new ductless cooling units, call us at Ray & Son. We’d love to share … Continued

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is upon us! Unbelievable deals! Doorbusters! Huge savings! Bargains galore in every store! It’s the perfect time to save big on…HVAC systems? That’s right, Black Friday isn’t just for TVs and tablets. You might be surprised to learn how much you can save on heating and air conditioning systems at … Continued

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