Thermostat Settings to Heat Your Home when Guests Arrive this Holiday

The holiday season will be here before your thermostat knows it! As you plan menus and figure out where the in-laws will sleep, have you thought about how you’ll maintain a comfortable temperature for your guests? Whether your plans include a small party with friends or a sit-down dinner for four generations of the family, we have tips to keep the temperature under control.

Use Your Thermostat to Balance Efficiency and Comfort

When you attend an event during the holidays, have you noticed how warm a house full of guests can get? Extra people can drive up the temperature fairly quickly. Add in an oven at full blast or a fireplace for a little holiday mood. Things can get toasty without much help needed from the furnace.

When you set your thermostat at a specific temperature, it will sense when the room is warm enough to shut off the heat. You will save energy and money, with no adjustments to the thermostat needed.

What if the room gets too warm? If you’ve been to a holiday party where you had to step outside for a breath of fresh air, you know the warmth of a crowded house can be too much of a good thing.

You may have thought you were done with your air conditioner when summer ended. As it turns out, a few minutes of cool air might be just what your party needs! Flip the switch on your thermostat from “Heat” to “Cool”. Set the temperature, and trust your thermostat to run just as much AC as you need for comfort.

Enhance Your Control with a Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostat is a popular and inexpensive way to take greater control of your heating and cooling usage. You can set your system to turn down or off when no one is home. The thermostat will also automatically return to a preset temperature after a temporary adjustment.

When you program your thermostat to run your system only when you need it, you save money on your utility bills. Additionally, you will extend the service life of your heating and cooling system with less wear and tear.

The newest generation of programmable thermostats, also known as smart thermostats, go even further. In addition to the timed on-off functions of programmable models, these devices can “learn” your usage habits. They will then adjust system performance for greater efficiency.

Some models include motion sensors to detect when someone is home, or wifi integration to adjust heating and air usage based on local weather.

Before you select a programmable thermostat, consult with a trained HVAC professional. There are many models available, with a wide variety of features and specific compatibility with existing systems. A specialist can guide you through the selection process, to ensure you choose a model that will best meet your needs.

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