Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist for Homeowners

It’s getting warmer here in the south – are you ready to handle your air conditioner tune up checklist? No? That’s just fine. Ray & Son has 50 years of experience to bring to your air conditioning equipment whether you use an air conditioner, heat pump or ductless mini-split.

To keep your home cool and comfortable, it’s best to schedule an HVAC tech to perform the air conditioner tune up checklist now before the heat really rises. Once summer hits, many people find their air conditioning equipment unable to handle the southern Georgia weather.  

What’s Included in an Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist for Homeowners?

Overall, the air conditioner tune up checklist involves a complete inspection of the equipment and components. This inspection by our NATE-certified personnel allows them to find any clues your air conditioner is struggling or inching toward a repair or worse, breakdown.

Excess wear and tear indicates air conditioner problems like short cycling, for example. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner kicks on and off. It cycles frequently without completing the cooling process.

This strains your air conditioning equipment. It shows when your HVAC technician inspects it and alerts him or her to a problem. In addition to the inspection, he or she:

  • Cleans all air conditioning components
  • Lubricates all moving parts
  • Calibrates all internal mechanisms
  • Tests and adjusts switches and controls
  • Replaces worn parts
  • Tightens connections and belts
  • Tests thermostat operation and
  • Checks refrigerant level.

Why is an Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist for Homeowners Important?

There are many benefits to regular maintenance for your heating and air systems. Preventive maintenance helps air conditioners, heat pumps and mini-splits run as close as possible to how they were designed. This brings you the most efficiency.

Air Conditioner Tune Ups Increase Energy Efficiency

Without regular AC service, your air conditioning system begins to work against you. With every groan as it pushes air through a dirty filter or parts squeal because they need lubrication, your air conditioner loses efficiency.

This means your energy bills will increase. A neglected air conditioner is an inefficient air conditioner. And one that costs more money to run.

Air Conditioner Tune Ups Increase the AC Unit’s Lifespan

Today’s air conditioners are complex systems. In our climate, they run practically nonstop. This affects the air conditioner’s mechanics and causes the average lifespan of an air conditioner to average a bit less than our neighbors in the north.

With preventive maintenance, however, we can squeeze all the useful life from your air conditioner and delay the need to replace it. This saves you money over the lifetime of the unit.

Air Conditioner Tune Ups Prevent Costly Repairs

Sometimes repairs are needed. Sometimes, a simple repair keeps your air conditioner in operation for several years. In any case, air conditioner repairs are often an unexpected expense as well as inconvenient to your schedule. Keep consistent performance from your air conditioner with an air conditioner tune up checklist.  

Simplify Your Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist with Comfort Club Membership

Make your heating and air service easy with an all-in-one service package like the Comfort Club. For a low monthly membership cost, you receive an annual AC tune up plus a heating system tune up. In addition, we add a 90-day guarantee that if anything in your system breaks after your tune up, we’ll refund your tune up cost. That’s a great deal!

Trust Ray & Son to Complete Your Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist

In conclusion, when you need a certified and knowledgeable specialist for your air conditioner, heat pump or mini-split repairs or installation, contact Ray & Son. For more than 50 years, we’ve served homes and businesses in Southern Georgia with an honest diagnosis and a warm smile.

Our friendly, professional technicians are glad to help with AC repairs, Comfort Club maintenance plans, air conditioning system installations, and more. Call us today for all your air conditioning service needs. We’d love to bring you greater energy efficiency and better comfort!

We serve communities such as Adel, Lakeland, Ashburn, Ocilla, Homerville, Stockton, Fitzgerald and Tifton. You’ll also see our trucks in neighborhoods in Jasper, Jennings, Quitman, Abac, Moultrie, Ray City, Hahira and other surrounding towns.

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