Duct Cleaning: Should You Do It? And Why?

Concern about indoor air quality may cause you to consider approaches to improving conditions in your home. There are many factors that play a role in indoor air pollution. Whether you contend with health issues that can be affected by pollutants or whether you just want to be sure that your family has a healthy environment in which to live, duct cleaning can be beneficial.

The Importance of Air Duct Maintenance

Your ductwork provides the path for conditioned air to reach each part of the house. Consequently, the presence of dust, dander or mold can taint your airstream. Just as you would dust your furniture or clean mold from areas in which it grows, so you should think about what the inside of your duckwork looks like. Periodic cleaning can keep your airstream cleaner and healthier.

How Should I Clean My Ducts?

Some homeowners figure that all they need to clean their ductwork is a vacuum extension. However, if you think about the amount of air that moves through your home, you may realize that a household vacuum doesn’t provide enough suction to effectively clean your entire system. Additionally, some ducts are created of flex, a material that can be damaged if a vacuum extension accidentally pushes through. In many cases, dirt clings to the duct walls, requiring more than suction to remedy.

Professional Air Duct Maintenance

Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in professional services, providing a preliminary inspection to assess the condition of your ducts. Strong HEPA vacuums are used to provide the suction and filtration needed to protect your home from the material drawn from the system. Drop cloths are used to protect your furnishings as well.

In some cases, we use soft bristle brushes that work to remove the material from the duct walls. We also employ remote cameras to evaluate the condition of the ducts and the results of our cleaning. Upon completion, we ensure that all registers are properly sealed back in place and that the removed materials are disposed of away from your home.

Additional Duct Services

Ducts are responsible for a significant portion of your heating and cooling costs. The presence of leaks or holes in your ductwork can add to your costs. Duct inspection is warranted if you have an unexplained hike in your utility bills. Repairs are important for limiting the potential for dust, dirt and even rodents or insects to get into your system. Additionally, leaks in areas near garages or gas-burning appliances can lead to the back drafting of dangerous fumes.

Duct insulation can provide another important benefit, reducing energy loss during both the heating and cooling season. If you are concerned about energy efficiency in your home, this is a helpful consideration.

We provide our Nashville GA customers with a variety of air quality and energy efficiency services and solutions. From air cleaners to programmable thermostats, we have your needs covered. You can contact our customer representatives to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment.

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