Allergic to Ragweed? Use Your HVAC to Fight Back

The plant is currently blooming across Georgia

Southerners tend to suffer from allergies before the rest of the country, and their symptoms only get worse when autumn arrives. Because pollinating insects are the most active from August to October, movement of ragweed pollen also increases at this time. Between the sneezes, the itchy nose and dry eyes, the symptoms are ruthless. Homeowners are quickly learning to fight back with clean, flowing air from a freshly-serviced HVAC system.

70 percent of allergy sufferers point to ragweed, a plant which prefers the weather of the southern United States. As the plant spreads, the number of people with allergy symptoms increases.

Pollen enters homes through open windows, and it is tracked indoors on shoes or pets. It enters the HVAC system and circulates through your home until it’s removed. This reaffirms the importance of routine HVAC maintenance. Ideally, HVAC tune-ups happen twice a year.

Also, be sure to regularly circulate the air in your home with fans or ventilators. This reduces stale and stuffy air.

Ragweed – A Relentless Enemy

There are at least 17 species of ragweed growing in the U.S., which makes the fight against the plant seem unwinnable. Pollens like ragweed also affect a growing number of Americans living with asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 25 million people cope with asthma symptoms. It is one of the most common and costly diseases.

Ragweed allergies tend to affect people whose sinuses are also stressed by dust mites, This emphasizes the microscopic size of this pollen, and its ease of flight.

Ragweed grains can travel up to 400 miles on the wind, so there is no way to completely avoid the pollen grains. However, you can reduce these pollutants with a suitable air filter, or by using an air purifier.  

HVAC Preventative Care

By using an air purifier, you eliminate a significant amount of allergen particles. Air purifiers contain extra HEPA filters to work along with the HVAC filters, to catch contaminating particles while circulating air to provide a respite for seasonal sufferers.

Ray & Son offers a variety of air purifiers for your home. Some purifiers are mechanical, while others use UV light to identify and neutralize contaminants. Our technicians will install your air purifier and teach you how to maintain it.

Ray & Son’s NATE-certified technicians care about your health and comfort. They’re happy to share expertise during a service appointment, and to help you choose the best IAQ solution for you.

Another service to get you closer to pollen-free is regular air duct cleaning. By cleaning the ductwork, there is a major reduction of the dust being blown around your home by the HVAC system. Reducing dust and other contaminants also improves the airflow of your HVAC system, and unobstructed airflow is vital to HVAC efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC

Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning can help with many great ways to keep your home free of dust and smelling fresh. Removing contaminants also reduces the chance of HVAC repair.

Ray & Son provides an Air Quality Test, to evaluate the cleanliness of the air you and your family breathe. If you’re concerned your HVAC system is not emitting clean air, call Ray & Son to get help. No one wants to feel allergic to his or her own home!

Enlist Ray & Son in Your HVAC Fight Against Allergens

Ray & Son offers a variety of options to get your HVAC system in shape for ragweed season. The symptoms of seasonal allergies are bothersome and uncomfortable. With the help of Ray & Son, you can ensure the cleanliness of air in your home and stay comfortable this season. A healthier, happier home is just a phone call or click away.

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