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The winters in Nashville, Valdosta & the surrounding areas bring temperatures below freezing. The conditions are hard on the pipes. Neglect can lead to major damage, disruption, and expense. Winterizing the plumbing system works to avoid problems such as frozen pipes. The tasks are simple, quick, and effective. The experts from Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to help you get your home prepared before the chilly weather arrives.

Get Your Plumbing System Ready For Winter

Outdoor plumbing winterization steps:

  • Drain water lines – For outdoor faucets, turn off the water supply and drain leftover water by opening taps and letting them run dry.
  • Disconnect hoses – Connected hoses can lead to the formation of ice, pressure build-up, and possibly breaks or leaks. Remove and drain exterior hoses.
  • Insulate faucets – Safeguard outdoor pipes against freezing with an insulating faucet sock.

Indoor plumbing winterization steps:

  • Keep water moving – During especially cold weather, turn on the faucet to create a trickle. Moving water won’t freeze.
  • Keep the house warm – Don’t allow indoor temperatures to fall below 55 degrees.
  • Warm up the pipes – Open the doors to bathroom vanities and kitchen sinks to let the warm air benefit the pipes.
  • Insulate – Plumbing that runs through crawl spaces, attics, exterior walls or uninsulated areas needs protection. Use foam insulation to wrap pipes.
  • Seal leaks – Any cold air that seeps in can freeze pipes. Look for air leaks around windows, doors, light switches, exterior wall sockets, and plumbing. Tighten up the home with caulk, weatherstripping, and insulation.
  • Close doors – Keep storm doors and the garage door closed to stop cold air from causing problems with plumbing on bordering walls.

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