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Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning offers advanced, whole-home, effective water filtration systems. These modern filtration innovations eliminate a variety of contaminants from the water, prevent bacteria from circulating and deliver better smell, color and taste of water. Installing a water filtration system delivers rewards you’ll appreciate every single day. From better health to a cleaner home, the list of benefits is nearly endless.

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In business for nearly six decades, Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning is experienced in all types of residential, light commercial and commercial water concerns. There are more than 2,000 toxic chemicals present in the majority of tape water and the levels of less than 60 of them are regulated by the EPA. We implement filtration systems that filter out up to 99.9% of chemicals from the water. A healthy supply of water lessens the chance of developing gastrointestinal infections, ulcers and acid reflux.

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When clean water flows through the pipes, the entire system runs more efficiently and lasts longer. Dishwashers, shower heads, toilets, clothes wasters, faucets and everything the water touches can be expected to provide superior operation and extended lifespan. Hair, teeth, skin, linens, dishes and so many aspects of everyday life are impacted by the quality of water. Make an improvement by getting in touch with Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning for water filtration services in Nashville, Georgia.

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