Prepare Your AC Unit For Spring Weather in Nashville, GA With These Tips

Now is the time to prepare your AC unit for spring weather in Nashville, GA. By taking just a few hours of your time now, you can prevent costly and annoying problems later on in the season when the weather is hot and humid. Our air conditioning installation professionals offer these tips for preparing your AC unit for spring weather.

Air Filter Replacement
The fastest and easiest thing you can do to prepare your air conditioner for the spring weather is to replace your system’s air filter. The air filter collects dirt and dust and once it is filled, it no longer allows air to easily pass through, resulting in a loss of efficiency of your air conditioner. Replacing the air filter is inexpensive and takes just a moment or our air conditioning technicians can do this for you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air conditioning maintenance for your AC unit is the most important way to prepare your air conditioner for spring after replacing the system’s air filter. Our highly trained and skilled maintenance technicians perform a complete system tune-up for spring which includes bleaching the condensate pipe to prevent clogs, checking coolant levels and cleaning the condenser coils. A new air conditioning installation is a great alternative if your current unit is in disrepair or at the end of its lifespan.

At Ray & Son, our air conditioning installation professionals take pride in helping you get your AC unit ready for spring weather. Our top priority is to offer you affordable, reliable and trustworthy maintenance, repairs and air conditioning installation so that you and your family can live in a comfortable home environment. When you need professional assistance to prepare your AC unit for spring weather, our team at Ray & Son is ready to assist you.