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It’s easy to ignore minor plumbing problems. Sometimes, they seem like nothing more than an inconvenience. However, even those small issues grow worse when neglected and can quickly turn into expensive repairs and extensive damage. Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning always recommends having any concerns checked out by our professionals. We have the experience, resources, and skills to handle all residential and commercial challenges, and we always answer our phones, 24/7, providing prompt action across Valdosta, Clyattville, Quitman, Hahira, Nashville, Adel, Lakeland, Eldorado, Tifton, Douglas, and Moultrie, GA.

Here is a list of plumbing problems you should never ignore:

  • Low water pressure – A decrease in water pressure can be an indication of pipe leaks, corroded pipes, pipe blockages, or damaged valves/pressure regulators. They won’t fix themselves and only worsen with time.
  • Leaky faucet – Even small leaks can quickly add up to a great deal of water waste and property damage, costing you needless expenses. With so many potential causes of a leaky faucet, it’s recommended to rely on a professional plumber for repair.
  • Backed-up drains – Water backing up when you flush, shower, wash your hands, or do dishes requires imstoragete attention. This is an indication of a mainline sewer problem. While the issue is most often a blockage in the line, it’s not a DIY fix.
  • Running toilet – This common problem can waste hundreds of gallons of water every month. A leaky toilet runs constantly and often results in serious water damage.
  • Damaged shut-off valves – There’s a cold and a hot shut-off valve for every faucet and the main water shut-off to stop water flow to the whole house. Any signs of trouble with these valves could be responsible for water leaks.
  • Repairs should be made as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, it’s essential that you have the ability to prevent the flow of water.
  • Scale buildup – Especially those homes with hard water are prone to scale buildup. The accumulation of minerals in the pipes can be responsible for low water pressure, clogs, corrosion, pipe rupture, and damage to appliances.
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