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New Year’s Resolutions: a New Furnace or Heat Pump for Georgia and Florida Homes

Start the year right with comfort and efficiency

Your old furnace or heat pump still does its job. It runs when you need it, and it keeps you warm. Who could ask for more from their heating system?

You can! Your furnace or heat pump is one piece of equipment where the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply. You don’t have to delay an upgrade until you notice a spike in your utility bills, or you need an expensive repair to keep the winter chill away.

Benefits of a New Furnace or Heat Pump in Georgia and Florida

Explore what you’ll enjoy when you head into the new year with a new furnace or heat pump!

1. Improved operational efficiency

With advances in technology, a new furnace or heat pump is significantly more fuel efficient than units built 20 or even 10 years ago. You may be pleasantly surprised by the drop in your energy bills when you install a new heating system.

Concerned about the cost of installation? Think of it as an investment in the efficiency of your home. Over time, you could save enough on your utility bills to recover the price of your new furnace or heat pump. You experience greater comfort, plus it pays for itself. Win-win!

2. Better reliability

If you’ve ever been left in the cold by a breakdown with your old furnace or heat pump, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind you enjoy with a reliable new heating system. You’ll also save money you would have to spend on unexpected repairs for your old furnace or heat pump.

Think of how much you might have to spend on future maintenance and repair. Invest your hard-earned money in an efficient new system instead! Winter is easier to deal with when you don’t have to worry about warmth when you want it.

3. Even heating

Have you noticed cold spots in your home? These could be caused by uneven heating, or areas your furnace or heat pump just can’t deliver warm air.

The newest heating systems offer features like variable-speed operation, different heating stages, or a zoning system. These features help you to enjoy better comfort and more consistent warmth with more efficient operation.

4. Enjoy peace and quiet

When you notice your heating system runs louder or longer than it has before, this isn’t just a nuisance. It is a dangerous sign of inefficient operation, or possibly a repair in the near future.

Unusual thumps, bangs, or rattles are definite signs of trouble. Avoid all of this commotion and potential inconvenience with a quiet new furnace or heat pump.

Trust Ray & Son for Your New Furnace or Heat Pump

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We proudly serve communities throughout the greater Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia area, including Tifton, Hahira, Ocilla, Stockton, Lennox and Lakeland. 

Our friendly, professional technicians are glad to help with heating repairs, Comfort Club maintenance plans, system installations, and more. Call us today for all your heating service needs. We’d love to bring you greater energy efficiency and better comfort!