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Hundreds of gallons of water flow through the plumbing system every day. A typical leak of ten drips per minute adds up to twenty-nine gallons per month. A leak of 120 drips per minute wastes eleven gallons per day. Any sign of an issue needs to be addressed without delay. Along with expense, there’s potential for property damage, mold growth and long-term consequences. Don’t expect leaks to solve themselves. They only and always get worse.

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At Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, we always answer our phone 24/7. As a family-operated plumbing business, we recognize the need for prompt and professional response at any hour of the day or night, holidays and weekends. Plus, we support every job with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Whether for residential or commercial leak repairs, call 850-616-2138. Let us provide swift, effective and lasting results.

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Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning has been a staple since 1965. You’ve certainly seen our distinctive vehicles on the roads in Valdosta, Georgia. Expect a fully licensed, insured and bonded professional to show up at your door, prepared for all difficulties and sizes of challenges. Our team of plumbers remain up to date with their training and have the most advanced leak detection technology. We get to the bottom of concerns and set your mind at ease with unmatched reliability.

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Licensed & insured in both southern Georgia and northern Florida gives us the opportunity to service all of our friends and neighbors with utmost integrity. If you want to check to make sure we service your town, click below or give us a call at 850-616-2138

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