Plumbing Leak Repair Nashville, GA

According to the EPA, one trillion gallons of water are wasted annually because of leaking pipes. An alarming 10% of homeowners sacrifice over 90 gallons per day. Unresolved leaks quickly add up to significant and serious damage and expense. If you suspect a leak, reach out to Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning right away. Contact us via our online submission form or access after-hours emergency plumbing repairs by calling 850-616-2138. We provide residential, light commercial and commercial leak resolution in Nashville, Georgia.

Here are some warning signs You Need Plumbing Leak Repair:

  • Rising water bills

    – If the water bill increases little by little each month or there’s a sudden spike, it can mean a leaking pipe.

  • Mold and mildew growth

    – Growth of mold on ceilings, floors and baseboards in the bathroom or kitchen is indication of a problem.

  • Musty odors

    – Mold and mildew growth under the floor or inside walls and vents create unpleasant musty smells and be caused by a leaking pipe.

  • Stains or water marks

    – Even slight discoloration on walls or ceilings can be an indication of water where it’s not supposed to be and if not corrected can lead to structural damage.

  • Creaky floorboards

    – While it’s not unusual to have a creaky floor, if you notice your foot sinking when you step on it, moisture may be causing rotting.

  • Running meter

    – When you shut off all the water and no appliances are running, the meter should stop completely.

  • Wet spots

    – Puddles inside or outside the home are signs of a plumbing problem.

  • Foundation cracks

    – Houses and buildings settle but a sudden crack or unexplained growth of an existing crack could be a leaking pipe undermining the home’s foundation.

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