Here’s how to keep your home cool during a heat wave

Unfortunately, heat waves are often a reality of summers in the United States. Strongly associated with weather patterns, a heat wave can cause a prolonged spike in daily high temperatures and humidity, leading to sweltering conditions here in Georgia and elsewhere.

How to Keep the Rooms Cool During a Heat Wave

If you want to avoid having your home turn into an oven during a heatwave, it’s important that you keep your air conditioning tuned up.  There is nothing worse than having to spend the day sweating out a heat wave due to an unexpected breakdown of the system.

Here are some other tips that will allow you to remain perfectly cool inside the house during the scorching heat this summer.

Close your windows and blinds

When you go out to work, you should avoid keeping the windows open in the mistaken belief that it will make the room cool. Keeping the windows and blinds closed will prevent sunlight from entering the rooms. This will also reduce the home cooling requirements, resulting in lower energy bills and less strain on your air conditioner.

Seal any air leaks in your home

Air leaks will prevent your air conditioner from efficiently and effectively cooling the room. If your home is not properly sealed, hot air will enter the room, while cool air will escape outside due to convection.

This will make your air conditioner strain to sufficiently cool the room. Increased wear-and-tear will result, due to the system straining to generate cool air. Over time, this will most likely result in a system breakdown.

To deal with air leaks, you should consider having Ray & Son conduct a professional energy audit of your house. We’ll make sure that there are no leaks around the doors and windows. In case any leak is detected, the area can be sealed by using a sealant. Also, we can insulate the area by putting foam gaskets in to prevent unwanted air leaks.

Cook smarter

During summers—and especially during a heat wave—you should consider using microwaves to cook food. This will minimize the heat generated indoors. In case you have to cook indoors, you should use range hood to vent hot air outside. Also, you should cover the pots to reduce humidity levels inside the house.

You should check food in the oven by looking through the glass instead of opening the oven door. These simple measures can ensure that the room does not get too hot during a heat wave.

Unplug unused appliances

You should consider switching off unused appliances. You should keep computers, television, and laptops switched off when not in use.

Anything that can generate heat inside the house should be turned off. This can help reduce the room temperature by about one degree—and when it’s sweltering outside, every degree counts.

Have Ray & Son put your air conditioner in the shade

Placing the air conditioner in the shade will allow the unit to perform efficiently. It won’t heat up quickly due to sweltering heat outside. Consider placing the unit under the trees. This will not only reduce the likelihood of overheating problem, but will also reduce the energy bill by more than ten percent.

Call Ray & Son for an AC tune-up and beat the heat wave!

In case you want to get in touch with licensed technicians in southern Georgia for air conditioner tune-up, you can contact Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning.