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March Madness Preparation for Your HVAC System

March Madness is here – your team has been preparing to take the court and win. Have you prepared your HVAC system for the job it needs to do this March? A winning heating and cooling maintenance plan will carry your HVAC system this season – read on and learn just what you need to do to keep it running like a champ!

Change Your Filter

Getting enough air is critical to players running up and down the court – your heating and cooling system is the same! Proper airflow is essential to performance, and without it, your HVAC system won’t move conditioned air effectively into your home and will struggle, using excess energy.

Your heating and cooling maintenance plan should include regular filter changes. The frequency depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer – high-efficiency filters need fewer changes while low-quality disposable filters need changed more often. During the spring season, change your filter on a regular basis and check it monthly to make sure its surface has not become clogged with contaminants, restricting airflow. This is especially important if you live in an area with a high pollen count or have pets.

Adjust Thermostat Settings

With the changing temperatures, it’s time to reevaluate your thermostat settings! With outdoor temperatures rising, you may find it comfortable to keep lower temperatures indoors. Or, it may be time to turn on the cooling system! In the spring, your heating and cooling maintenance plan should include reprogramming your programmable thermostat settings for spring.

Set temperature schedules based on the needs of your household, with setbacks of 10 to 15 degrees for periods of 8 or more hours for optimal energy savings. Great times to save are when your home is empty during work and school hours or while you sleep.

Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Your cooling system needs a professional tune-up as soon as possible so it’s ready to cool your home efficiently as temperatures rise. Heating and cooling maintenance plans should always include annual tune-ups for both heating and cooling equipment.

Maintaining your air conditioner will offer great benefits to your family this season. You’ll maintain consistent, even temperatures indoors to improve comfort, your air conditioner will operate efficiently to save you money on energy costs and your system receives the care it needs to avoid game-ending breakdowns over the season. We want your equipment to stay in the game longer offering you more years of service!

Join Ray & Son’s Comfort Club

Ray & Son has a simple solution to help homeowners stay on top of their heating and cooling maintenance plan – Comfort Club membership! By joining the Comfort Club, you’ll receive regularly scheduled tune-ups for your heating and cooling system and peace of mind from our repair-free and energy savings guarantees! Ask our team today what a Comfort Club membership can do for your HVAC system.

With a winning heating and cooling maintenance plan in place, your HVAC equipment will be ready for whatever the elements have in store this season! Schedule heating and cooling maintenance now with Ray & Son.