Everything You Wanted to Know About AC Maintenance

AC maintenanceAs much use as cooling systems gets in our region during the summer, AC maintenance is a must for its optimal operation. Routine maintenance also prevents premature breakdowns and lengthens the life of your system.

Things You Can Do

  • Check the air filter for the air handler monthly. When the filter is coated with dust, change it. The condition of the air filter makes a big impact on the performance of your system and its longevity. If it gets too dirty, the airflow slows through the air handler and increases the time it takes to cool your home. The longer running time also stresses all the parts inside the system.
  • Keep the outdoor condenser free of vegetation. It needs the free flow of air around all its sides to work efficiently. If grass clippings or dust build on the coil inside the condenser, gently scrub with a soft brush and spray lightly with the hose. A clean coil loses the heat that the refrigerant has collected faster.

What the Pros Do

Professional AC maintenance usually includes these tasks:

  • Inspecting all the electrical components and tightening them if necessary. A loose or dirty connection uses more electricity.
  • Checking the refrigerant level. Cooling systems require a precise amount of refrigerant inside them to operate efficiently. If it’s low, the technician will look for the leak, seal it and fill it to the exact level required.
  • Lubricating the motors if required and checking belt tension. A motor that’s low on oil can seize, requiring replacement.
  • Cleaning the inside of the air handler, including evaporator coil. If dust collects on either of these parts, the efficiency will be lower. A clean air handler also prevents any dust from collecting inside the ductwork.
  • Verifying that the condensate drain is clear and the pan is clean.
  • Testing the thermostat for correct operation and recalibrating if necessary.

The pros at Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with AC maintenance so you get the most efficient cooling this season. We’ve proudly provided HVAC services for the Nashville, South Georgia and North Florida areas since 1965.

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