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Top 5 Ways to Save Money This Winter with Your Home’s HVAC Unit

The cold season can be a costly time for Georgia and Florida households, especially if your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently! With these 5 energy saving HVAC tips, you can cut household costs and lower your energy bills significantly! HVAC maintenance has a great impact on efficiency and performance and there are things you can do to help your heating and cooling system run better while consuming less energy.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 1: HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is the best thing you can do for your home’s heating and cooling system. HVAC maintenance should be performed twice per year: one visit prior to your heating season and one prior to your cooling season.
A system tune-up boosts energy-saving HVAC systems by restoring optimal performance. The harmful effects of wear and tear over heavy usage times are corrected, helping your system perform flawlessly and eliminating issues increasing energy use, such as loose connections, restricted airflow and more. When your heating and cooling system is performing better, it doesn’t need to use as much energy as it does when issues are present. You’ll benefit from improved comfort, lower energy bills and a longer system life.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 2: Seal Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks throughout the home keeps more heating and cooling energy inside, where your family benefits from the energy consumed by the HVAC system. Leaks allow energy to escape and unconditioned outdoor air to infiltrate the home, forcing your HVAC system to work more to maintain comfortable conditions and using more energy.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 3: Use Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners think of ceiling fans as a tool for cooling and when used properly, they are also a helpful tool to keep your home warm during the colder months. Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise when your heating system is in use.
A clockwise fan redistributes the warm air collecting at your ceiling, sending it back down where your family is so you can benefit from the warmth. You’ll experience more comfortable living areas and save money on heating costs.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 4: Keep Vents Open

Blocked vents are a big problem in homes, keeping heat from reaching the living areas for which it’s intended. When a vent is blocked, you’ll find yourself cranking up the thermostat to achieve the temperatures you want, consuming excess energy and overworking the system. Blockages also cause heat and air pressure to back up in the HVAC system, causing overheating and potentially damaging the system.
Check your entire home, making sure floor vents and wall vents are not blocked by curtains, rugs, furniture toys and other items. Also, make sure the vent louvers are opened, allowing air to flow through.

Energy Saving HVAC Tip 5: Use Curtains Correctly

In the winter, use your curtains and blinds correctly to reduce the burden on your heating system. During periods of direct sunlight, open window coverings to allow the room to benefit from the solar heat gain pouring in. Your room will feel warmer without the use of your heating system. Close the window treatments when the sun goes down to “trap” warmth inside.
You’ll notice when it’s cold and dark outside, the area around your windows feels very cold! When warm air from your living areas comes into contact with cold glass panes, it loses heat as well. Use thermal window coverings to conserve more of your heat and prevent heat loss.

Schedule HVAC maintenance with Ray & Son today to create a better energy saving HVAC system for your home! Contact us now to find out how maintenance improves efficiency and performance, lowering your energy costs.