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Ductless Heating for Cold Spots

Are there areas of your home that stay chilly no matter how long your central heating system runs – a ductless heating system would solve those cold spots. Learn more about ductless heating and cooling equipment in this blog from an HVAC contractor. 

We’ll cover what “ductless” heating really means, how they work, and the types of heating and air problems they solve for homeowners.

What Is Ductless Heating?

Ductless heating and cooling equipment is used as a whole home HVAC solution or to provide supplemental comfort in a home. If cold spots occur despite your central heating system’s best efforts, ductless heating is the way to go. 

Plus, you gain a bonus of extra cooling when you need it during the summer months, if you choose a heat pump model. Ductless units also come as an air conditioner only, if you only need help with “hot spots.” 

Ductless heat pumps, or ductless mini splits, are made up of interior air handlers and an outdoor condenser unit. Air handlers are installed in your cold areas and linked to the exterior condenser. Some people use one to help a single room or zone be more comfortable. Depending on the model, your HVAC contractor can connect up to six indoor units to a single outdoor unit. 

These air handlers allow homeowners to adjust heating output as needed, independent of the central heating system as well as other ductless system air handlers installed throughout the home. They don’t use ducts – they deliver heat directly from the air handler into your living areas.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

The installation of ductless heating to tackle cold spots in your Southern Georgia home delivers many great benefits:

  1. More even temperatures
  2. Less energy consumption
  3. Lower utility bills
  4. Flexible installation
  5. Superior control
  6. Convenience

Even Temperatures

No more cranking up your central heating system’s thermostat just to warm up that cold spot! Doing so means all the areas in your home receive more heating. 

While this raises the warmth in your cold spot, other areas that were comfortable are now too warm! Ductless heating delivers targeted heat to the cold spot only, which warms up the specific area without disrupting temperatures across the home.

Lower Energy Consumption

By adding warmth only to the cold spot, it reduces energy use! While you do use energy to run the ductless heating system, you save because heating is only added to that space. Unlike running the central system which consumes far more energy that way. 

In addition, many ductless models available are ENERGY STAR-certified for energy efficiency. This allows many homeowners to use their existing central air less and save money. Some empty nesters, for example, install ductless units in the two to three rooms they use most. 

The central heating and air system runs at an economical temperature, which the occupied rooms get a boost from the ductless units. 

Reduce Electric Bills

Less energy use throughout the winter means lower utility bills! Ductless heating and cooling systems use a heat pump system with electric heating coils for extra heat when needed. These highly-efficient systems produce the warmth you want without adding significant expense.

Flexible & Often Quick Installation

The addition of ductless heating units to cold spots is often a far more affordable solution than an upgrade of your central heating unit or an expansion of your duct system to deliver the extra heat needed in your cold spots. 

Install ductless units on walls or ceilings, out of the way of your furniture to avoid disruption to your living areas. The equipment is stylish and doesn’t create an eyesore in your rooms. Out of the way, they don’t invoke the security concerns the noisy old window units do. 

Ductless Operation is Convenient

Ductless heating units are very easy to maintain – just change the filter regularly. Their installation does not create a great burden for homeowners who just want to gain a bit more warmth! Talk to your HVAC contractor about adding it to your maintenance plan for routine tune ups. 

In addition, control your ductless heating and cooling systems by remote. You never have to leave your cozy spot to turn up the heat. 

Get Ductless Heating in Your Home

Are you ready to be done with cold spots around the house? Ray & Son provides professional installation of quality ductless heating and cooling systems to increase comfort throughout your home. Protect your equipment when you join our Comfort Club and access regular equipment tune ups plus great savings.

Contact Ray & Son today to see how ductless heating solves your comfort challenges.