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If you are having plumbing concerns in Moultrie, GA, your plumber may determine that you are having drainage problems or clogged drain lines. To have a better understanding of what your plumber means, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what drain lines and main lines are.

Main lines are sewer lines that connect houses or buildings to the septic tank or to the city’s sewer system. Each house has one main line. If a main line backs up, it is likely to be a much bigger job than if a drain line is clogged. Clogged main lines are often the result of tree roots either damaging the line or the roots actually growing around and into the line. If you are having gurgling sounds or problems in different areas of the house, it may be your main line.

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Drain lines, on the other hand, are numerous in homes. They are the pipes that run from all your sinks, toilets, tubs, laundry rooms, and the like. Each of the drain lines connects to the main line, so if one drain line is not functioning properly, it usually won’t make any difference in another part of the house. To get your drain lines repaired, replaced, unclogged, or otherwise serviced, you can turn with trust to Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.

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