Your HVAC System’s Dirty Little Secret

Everybody likes to feel “in the know,” whether it is about sports, politics or neighborhood gossip, but do you know the number one reason your home comfort system fails?

It is not age, or brand, or even storm damage… it is Dirt. That’s right; your unit’s biggest problem is dirt. This little secret is not widely known, because let’s face it. Why encourage you to spend a little each year on regular maintenance to keep your unit running longer when you will spend thousands of dollars replacing it?

When your system is not in use, there is nothing to prevent dirt from building up. Then when you turn your unit on for the first time, all of that dirt is stirred up and some is blown through your vents.

How to get rid of it…

The best thing to do is to have a trained, licensed professional service your home comfort system before you turn it on.

Not only will a tune-up remove dirt from your system, but it will also help reduce other airborne allergens that circulate through your vents and into your home. A trained professional will ensure your unit will run safely and efficiently all winter long saving you money on energy costs.

Now that you know our industry’s dirty little secret and how to correct it, click to schedule your tune-up.  You can extend your system’s life – and cut your energy costs. It’s a win-win.