Why Get a Whole House Performance Report

There are a lot of good ideas that pop up in our conversations, news feeds, blog subscriptions and preferred TV programs. If only we had the time and resources to implement every one of them.

But we don’t (even if we try). Time and resources are limited. So we have to evaluate the benefit versus the investment with questions like these: Will it make a difference? Can this difference be measured?

These are the kind of questions that you actually can answer with a really good idea I’d like you to consider: a Whole House Energy Analysis.

What Difference Will it Make?

In any home, there can be hidden energy wasters that are sending your utility bills up needlessly. An energy analysis will pinpoint these problems, giving you a complete analysis of how to improve your home’s energy use.

The difference this will make comes in improved energy efficiency that can show up in lower energy use (measurable through utility bills). It also can show you how to create a more comfortable home environment year-round.

To help you evaluate what changes you may make, the Department of Energy offers up several questions to ask yourself. You can read more about those in this report. To schedule a home performance evaluation, call us at Ray & Son today!