Why Are Heat Pumps Greener Than Traditional HVAC?

Heat pumps are considered a green choice when compared to conventional HVAC systems. These units move heat instead of generating heat and provide conditioning for about one-quarter of the cost of traditional heating and cooling systems. In addition, heat pumps use less fuel and emit less toxic emissions in the environment. Heat pumps are intelligently designed to take advantage of all the free energy that Mother Nature has to offer, such as heat energy in the air, water, and ground. Energy conservation reduced pollutants and using less natural resources are the factors that make heat pumps renewable energy systems and a greener alternative to other HVAC systems.

How Much Energy do Heat Pumps Use?

If you heat with electricity, heat pumps can lower the amount of electricity used from 30 to 40 percent. If you’re wondering how much energy do air conditioners use in comparison to hea pumps, the average is about 30 percent more. High-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify more effectively than standard air conditioners. As a result, there is more cooling comfort in the warmer months and less energy usage year-round.

Types of Heat Pumps

Air-sourced heat pumps, water-sourced heat pumps, and ground-sourced heat pumps are the three types of heat pumps available today. The air-sourced heat pumps consist of indoor coils, outdoor coils and a compressor. In the heating mode, the refrigerant extracts heat from the outside air and evaporates it into a gas. In the cooling mode, the reversing valve changes the direction of the refrigerant flow and removes warm from the indoors to the outdoors. All three types provide year-round heating and cooling.

Ground-sourced heat pumps use the stored energy in the ground from the sun. Through a network of underground pipes, heat energy is transferred from the ground through the home’s duct system to heat the home. During the summer, these types of heat pumps remove heat from the home and deposit it to the ground. To be a good candidate for a ground-sourced heat pump, the soil composition, landscape and size property must meet specific requirements.

Water-sourced heat pumps must also have the right characteristics. The lake or pond must have adequate quality, depth, and volume. The installation of a water-sourced heat pump includes the placement of an underground supply pipe that is run from the home to water source. The pipe is usually placed eight feet under the surface to prevent freezing.

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