When It’s Best to Convert From Oil to Gas

A common question many homeowners ask when it comes time to replace their aging oil furnace is, “Should I convert to gas heating or should I stay with an oil furnace?” Today’s oil furnaces are more energy efficient than ever before. However, there are several reasons why you may want to consider switching to natural gas heat when evaluating the different types of home heating that are available for your home.

Comparing Oil vs Gas Heating

One of the biggest factors homeowners consider when comparing the two types of home heating is energy costs. If you already own an oil furnace, you are all too well aware of how the price of oil can wildly fluctuate depending upon market conditions, including war or economic factors that we as American consumers have no control over.

Most of the fuel oil that is used for heating in the United States comes from overseas suppliers and is regulated by foreign governments. Almost 84 percent of the natural gas used in the United States; however, comes from with our country, thus making the price less volatile. This means savings for you when you convert to gas heat, without the worry about how much it will cost next year to heat your home with oil.

Additional Benefits of Converting to Gas Heat

Besides the cost savings on heating your home, there are additional benefits to switching to gas:

  • No more upfront payments. You are expected to pay upfront for your heating oil delivery. With natural gas heat, you only pay for the amount of gas used each month, which is monitored with your gas meter.
  • No worries over whether you will run out of oil when you need it. Natural gas is delivered directly to your home through gas lines. As long as you have natural gas service available on your street, your home can be connected to gas service.
  • Gas heat is better for the environment. A high-efficiency gas furnace is more efficient than an oil furnace that is rated at the highest level of efficiency. This is because natural gas burns better than oil with less residual pollution. You will lessen your home’s impact on the environment by producing less pollution from your heating system.

Cost Considerations

While converting your home to gas heat can be a substantial investment, you can recoup this investment with the savings you will receive on your heating bills. You may also be eligible for manufacturers’ rebates and additional rebates from your local utility.

At Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of heating experts can help you decide whether converting from oil to gas heat is the best solution for your home. We can design a system that will offer you the most comfort for your Valdosta, GA, home at a price that will fit your budget with our flexible and low interest financing programs.