3 Areas to Look Into When Troubleshooting Your Home Heating System

troubleshooting your heating systemNashville winters may be mild in comparison to other parts of the country, but homeowners still rely on their heating systems to stay warm throughout the season. Annual preventive maintenance will significantly reduce the likelihood of a mid-season breakdown, but if you do experience a loss or reduction in output, try troubleshooting heating issues yourself before you call in the pros. Here are three key areas to consider as you start your search.


Start by ensuring there’s power to the thermostat and that it’s set several degrees higher than the current room temperature. If there’s no display, try changing the batteries. If the thermostat itself is okay, check that there’s power to the heating system by locating the corresponding circuit breaker. Try turning it off and back on again, in case the circuit was tripped.

Air Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters can hamper airflow, forcing the heating system to work harder to deliver warm air. While this can result in extraneous wear and tear on parts, decreased efficiency and premature system failure, it’s easily rectified by changing the air filter. Keep up with changes once a month during peak season.

Pilot Light or Ignitor

A gas or propane central heating system is lit using a pilot light or ignitor. After verifying the thermostat is in working order, turn off the gas reset valve located inside the device and leave it off for five minutes. If it doesn’t reignite when you turn it back on, check to ensure there’s gas flow to the system. If gas is available but the ignitor fails to relight, call for professional service.

If the system has a pilot light, check for a flame. If none is present, follow the reset procedure according to manufacturer’s directions.

Additional Considerations

Ensure that air registers are open and unimpeded by furniture or drapes. Look for any cracked or frayed belts on the blower motor and call for professional assistance if things look worn.

For more tips on troubleshooting heating, or for any other HVAC concerns, give us a call at Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.

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