Three reasons to consider an AC tune-up

It’s the time of year where the days are getting longer and the weather is starting to get warmer. We’re not yet in the prime season for air conditioning use—in fact, you and your family may not have even turned yours on yet this season. This makes spring the perfect time for an AC tune-up. Ray and Son of south Georgia can help you make sure your system is ready to go when it comes time for you to turn that dial.

Here’s why you should consider an AC tune-up

AC-tune-up-GeorgiaWhen you think of “summer,” you may not necessarily be thinking about an AC tune-up. After all, spending money on maintenance is admittedly pretty boring. However, there are many advantages to having a certified technician inspect your system:

  1. It helps keep your system running: On the hottest nights of the year, you don’t want your AC going out at 1:00 in the morning. Your air conditioning keeps your family comfortable—having it go out, at best, is an inconvenience. At worst, it may mean that you’ll need a new unit. That’s why regular maintenance is so important. When one of the trained technicians from Ray and Son looks over your AC, they’ll work to identify any red flags for trouble ahead. They’ll replace any parts that are on the verge of failing, and make sure your system is set for a long summer of regular use. It pays to plan ahead, and making a call to Ray and Son is, well, a good call.
  2. It makes your system more efficient: Here in south Georgia, you’re probably used to seeing your energy bill spike during the summer months when you have to run your AC system. If you’ve seen your bill go from simply high to painful, that might be a sign that your home’s air conditioning is not using energy as effectively as it couldAn AC tune-up can help identify places where your system is running slow or using excess energy without a significant increase in cooling output. Our technicians will address such issues and help you get the best bang for your electricity buck. This alone could help you save hundreds over an entire summer.
  3. It helps your system live a longer life: If treated well and given regular checkups, air conditioning systems can live long, efficient lives. This means you have to replace the unit less frequently, which will save you money over the lifetime of your home. Of course, the opposite is true, as well. If your AC system doesn’t receive regular maintenance and upkeep, it not only increases the chances of a complete breakdown, but it could put extra strain on the physical parts in the system, reducing their odds of reaching old age. A tune-up could be exactly what the doctor ordered for your system.

Why you should have your system maintained now

Think about what your AC unit goes through in the summer. There are nights where it’s running nearly constantly for hours. This is the time where the most strain and pressure is being put on your system. You wouldn’t send out the quarterback to throw without having them stretch first. The time for a tune-up is in the spring before you even turn on the air conditioning.

Why should I go with Ray and Son?

We’ve been serving Nashville and Valdosta, Georgia for more than 50 years. That’s a tradition of excellence that we’re proud of. Our industry-certified technicians have experience with all makes and models. To give our customers peace of mind, we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ready to experience the Ray and Son difference, give us a call at (229) 515-8748.