The Carrier Energy Experts Program: What it Means For Valdosta Residents

Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, an air conditioner repair and installation company near Valdosta, Georgia, is proud of our association with Carrier. As the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of air conditioners and heating systems, Carrier is frequently ahead of the pack when it comes to providing innovative air conditioning options to its HVAC dealers and its customers. One of the latest air conditioning options is the Carrier Energy Experts Program. For information regarding how to make your Valdosta home or business more energy efficient, contact our air conditioning specialists.

Since our air conditioner repair and installation company is an authorized dealer for Carrier, our air conditioning specialists are trained to conduct energy efficiency audits. The Energy Experts Program involves a series of six steps completed by our air conditioning specialists over the course of a few days. During the first three steps of your energy audit, our air conditioning specialists utilize the steps of inspection, testing, and analysis to determine problem areas in your home and what our air conditioner repair and installation company can do to fix them. We record specific observations about your air conditioner and heating system during the three to four hours it takes to complete the first phase of your energy audit.

Next, our air conditioner technicians enter the second phase of the audit, which includes air conditioning options, resolution and results. At this point, the air conditioner service personnel from our air conditioner repair and installation company are most concerned with putting some of the new air conditioning options into practice. At Ray & Sons, we give you a few days to consider the options we are proposing and then wait to get your approval before implementing any changes.