What are the signs you need heating repair in southern Georgia?

Winters in Georgia are relatively mild compared to those in states to the north. Having said that, a properly working furnace or heat pump is still needed in the winter to keep your home warm and cozy inside. If you want to avoid a furnace breakdown, you should know the signs you need heating repair.

The big three signs you need heating repair

Signs of furnace repair in southern GeorgiaFrom strange noises and smells to performance issues, this blog will go through the top signs that your furnace is on the verge of a breakdown, or already having problems.

The best way to prevent the need for repairs in the first place? Schedule a seasonal tune-up with the pros here at Ray & Son. If you do need 24/7 emergency service, contact the Ray & Son team.

1. Odd noises coming from the furnace

Strange noises are one of the most prominent (and loud) signs you need heating repair. You should never ignore any odd noises coming from your heat pump or furnace. Here are three prominent sounds, and what they could signal:

  • Banging: A problem with the ignition in a furnace will lead to the ever so slight buildup of gas, which can then “explode”, causing a popping or banging sound within the furnace. Over time, this can damage the system.
  • Rattling: This could indicate a part of the system that is loose and rattling while colliding with other parts or the metal of the system.
  • Humming: This could be a sign of a problem with your fan or capacitor. This will be much louder than the normal sounds the system makes while operating.

If you hear a banging, squeaking, rattling, or any other odd noises from the furnace, you should immediately call the professional heating repair technicians at Ray & Son.

2. Rising energy bills

Are your energy costs on the rise over the past few months? If you’ve experienced sticker shock upon opening your heating bill, it might be time to get your system inspected by an expert.

A malfunctioning furnace or heat pump is often times an inefficient one, and some systems will continue to run, but use far more energy than expected while doing so.

3. Furnace performance issues

No matter what you do or what you set the thermostat at, your home still feels like an icebox. Yet, your furnace is still technically running. This probably indicates a fault of some kind with the system.

One common problem is that your thermostat and furnace / heat pump aren’t communicating correctly, or your thermostat is taking incorrect temperature readings. If your thermostat mistakenly thinks it’s 85 in your home, it won’t signal to turn on the furnace. Our team can address this concern and confirm that your thermostat is pulling the right data.

Other performance issues can be the result of issues with the ignition, heat exchanger, or more.

Call Ray & Son for a heating inspection this winter

Always get your furnace checked by a professional technician. This is important to ensure that the furnace is properly repaired. Handing the repair job to an inexperienced technician may initially look like you are saving money, but it will end up costing you a lot in the long run due to inadequate repairs.

To get in touch with professional, NATE-certified heating repair technicians here in southern Georgia, contact our team at Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning. We’d love to help you with your heating needs this winter.