Should I Install a Furnace Humidifier?

Although our region is generally known for its high humidity levels, winter heating can lead to unusually dry indoor conditions. Even minimal heating can draw excess moisture out of your home’s air supply, causing levels to drop well below the recommended indoor humidity of between 30 and 50 percent. You may experience uncomfortable issues like dry skin, chapped lips, flyaway hair or static electricity in your Georgia home during these months, making a furnace humidifier an excellent consideration in combating these conditions.

How a Furnace Humidifier Works

In order to improve indoor air quality, you can install a humidifier to introduce moisture back into your airstream. The types of humidifiers available from Engineered Air include:

  • Bypass – air is moved through the unit by the HVAC blower, passing over a moisture pad to increase humidity
  • Fan-operated – air is blown over a moisture pad by a fan installed in the unit, sending humid air into the HVAC air supply
  • Steam – electrodes in a canister turn water to steam, releasing the vapor into circulating air

The first two of these system options operate on evaporative principles. Moisture output per day for smaller units can reach approximately 12 gallons, and larger units can reach output levels of nearly 18 gallons per day. A steam unit has an output capacity of up to 34 gallons per day.

Which Unit Is Best for Me?

The needs of every household can vary, and it’s helpful to work with an HVAC specialist as you decide on the right approach for your home. With minimal heating, you may find that an evaporative unit provides you with sufficient humidity control during our mild winter months. However, a larger home may be better served by the output levels achieved with a steam unit. A bypass unit will not require additional electricity to operate, an important factor for those wanting to keep usage and utility bills down. It’s important to recognize that a steam humidifier has very hot surfaces, making it important that such a unit be mounted in a location that isn’t easily accessed by children.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Ray and Son is pleased to provide our customers in Adel, GA, with many important IAQ services and products. An air quality evaluation is helpful for pinpointing potential problems in your home. Humidity can be one of the top issues in our region, making it important to consider year-round moderation needs. Additional issues can be addressed by some of these IAQ products:

  • Germicidal air purifiers – these advanced units trap and destroy viruses, bacteria and mold, important for keeping the air in your home healthy
  • Ventilators – energy recovery ventilators provide an exchange of indoor and outdoor air to keep your home’s airstream fresh
  • UV lamps – kill mold that may develop on your AC coils or in your ducts
  • Carbon monoxide alarms – monitor your home’s air for the presence of the invisible but toxic gas

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