Schedule an Energy Audit for Your Nashville GA Home and Start Saving Today

One of the best air conditioning tips that Ray and Son can offer our customers is to schedule an energy audit for their Nashville, Georgia home. We are a heating and cooling company located in Nashville, Georgia that offers energy audits to our customers at a reasonable price. Of all the air conditioning tips we can offer you, having a professional energy audit performed will save you the most money. It will also increase the comfort level of everyone living in your home.

The energy auditors from our company have been trained to inspect residential properties closely for areas of energy waste. We use advanced equipment to ensure that we are able to spot wasteful energy use and provide you with realistic solutions on improving the problem. Although every home in Nashville is different, we tend to see the same issues repeated. These include an inadequate amount of insulation, ductwork that needs to be cleaned, air leaks around doors and windows and inefficient HVAC equipment.

At the conclusion of your energy audit, our service technician will provide you with a complete list of problem areas and the products and services we recommend to fix them. Some of the solutions are simple, such as sealing air leaks with a caulking gun. Others, such as replacing your air conditioner or furnace, require careful consideration. If your air conditioning tips include new HVAC equipment installation, our service technicians can provide you with detailed information about your options.

Other air conditioning tips that we may offer you at Ray and Son include annual preventative maintenance and ductwork services. Both of these services are important to make sure that your HVAC equipment runs at maximum efficiency. In addition to the efficiency improvement and cost savings, clean ductwork and HVAC equipment also promotes better respiratory health.