Replacing an Air Conditioner Means Looking at Lifetime Costs as Well

Ray & Sons Air ConditioingIf it’s time to for an air conditioner replacement, it’s important to remember as you shop that the sticker price isn’t the whole story when it comes to replacement costs. If you’re interested in getting the most for your money, you’ll need to consider lifetime costs. Since an air conditioner may last 20 years, factors like equipment quality, durability, energy efficiency and maintenance needs can make a big difference in overall costs. Once these costs are factored in, a system that seems like a bargain can be much more expensive over its lifetime than one with a higher upfront price.

Consider Lifetime Costs

So what do you need to know about evaluating lifetime costs as you shop for an air conditioner replacement? Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Quality and durability – Quality equipment typically comes with a higher sticker price, but better quality parts and materials add up to a more durable system. Greater durability means fewer repairs and a longer life span, which saves you money over the long run.
  • Maintenance costs – Cheaply made equipment typically needs more maintenance, which leads to higher operating costs as compared to a high-quality system.
  • Energy efficiency – Choosing a high-quality air conditioner replacement can mean substantial energy savings. Today’s best models are built for high efficiency, using advanced technologies such as variable-speed air handlers and improved coil designs to reduce energy consumption. Lower energy bills for 20 years can certainly make paying more upfront a better deal than a cheaper, less efficient model.

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