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Protect your AC Compressor from Severe Storms

From June to November, the Atlantic Southeast must prepare for intense weather

September is national preparedness month. It’s important to ensure your air conditioner and all of it’s attachments are in working order before and after a severe storm hits Southern Georgia. Many homeowners unfortunately come to find their HVAC was not first on their list of priorities when preparing for a hurricane or severe storm.

Ray and Son is happy to help bring your HVAC system back to life. Having an HVAC company on your short list for your AC need will help take it off of your autumn to-do list. Below are some ways to keep your air compressor in the best condition possible through the winter months.

Air Compressor Care

The air compressor of your conditioner is the part of the system which is outside of the house, in the condensing unit. The air compressor is the heart of your cooling system. It is the part of the air conditioner, which compresses refrigerant until it becomes a high pressure gas. The gas then moves to an outdoor coil to release the heat from the refrigerant until it condensates into a liquid and evaporates.

Many people say the air compressor is one of the most important and expensive parts to an air conditioning system. This is because it is one of the more intricate parts of the air conditioner from the exposure to cold temps. If there are any liquids left in the air compressor, they are likely to freeze, and create issues when the system s back in use during the spring.

Preparing for Winter

Winters can be unpredictable in the Southeastern U.S. It is often best to be prepared for anything. One way to make sure your air conditioner is in prime condition in the spring is very simple; check on your system daily or at a minimum, weekly. Check to make sure it is not affected by weather and debris during the chilly months. Whether it is rain or snow damage, or frozen drainage, it’s best to be always check on it even when not using it.

Another process to can help prepare your air compressor for the cold season is to condensate the drains. This will ensure the cleanliness and the seal of the drains for the air conditioning debut when the summer heat sets in.

A general cleaning of your air ducts and air compressor will provide peace-of-mind in the cold of the winter.

Seek Professional Technicians

Beyond simple DIY fixes, there are a few other, more involved ways, which include changing air filters, coils, and fans within the air compressor. Ray and Son can help take care of all of these. A tune up includes Ray and Son verifying the working condition of all of these parts by a NATE-certified HVAC specialist.

We offer tune-ups with a 100 percent guarantee. Ray and Son will also consider any diagnosis free, if they do the repair. This is well worth its cost with the help of the factory-trained technicians.

Ray and Son is located in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida to provide expertise to a variety of homes and businesses. Contact them today to schedule a tune-up before the cold sets in.