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New Regulations Impact Central Air Replacement Cost

Did you know there’s an increase in central air replacement cost on its way? Federal regulations go into effect this summer to improve the efficiency of the fans in new air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps.

If your heating and air system barely made it through the last heating and cooling seasons, now might be a great time to buy. The upside of this change is blower fans inside HVAC equipment will become more energy efficient.

The downside is a central air replacement cost will go up as manufacturers absorb the changes. Let’s review the regulations, the reason why it matters and more on the pros and cons of the situation.

The Fan Efficiency Rating (FER) Regulation Behind the Rise of Central Air Replacement Cost

The Department of Energy has ruled as of July 3, 2019, all newly manufactured furnaces may only use electronically commutated motors or ECMs. The intent of this ruling is to create dramatic energy savings in new residential heating and cooling equipment.

For example, it’s expected homeowners in the United States will save more than $9 billion in home electricity through 2030. In addition, the new fan standards cut carbon pollution by nearly 34 million metric tons plus save 3.99 quads of energy.

How the FER Ruling Directly Impacts a Central Air Replacement Cost

Currently, most furnaces use standard induction motors. These function around 60 to 65 percent efficiency. Some higher end furnaces use ECMs already but the majority of furnaces will have to shift production to include them. This will raise the cost.

Central air systems use the fan to blow air through the system whether it’s for heating or cooling. ECMs improve the efficiency of those fans. This improves the overall energy efficiency of the system.

Therefore, a new system will cost more to replace, but it should cost less to operate.

Not Sure If Your HVAC System Uses an ECM or Standard Induction Motor? Click Here to Schedule an Inspection or Preventive Maintenance Appointment and Find Out

Weigh Options When it Comes to Central Air Replacement Cost

If you have needed to repair your blower motor in the last year you may compare the cost of that repair to the central air replacement costs altogether. Was it significant? Did you choose to repair in order to get a few more years out of it? If so, you may decide to sit tight.

However, if you’ve experienced uneven temperatures in your home, short cycling, weak airflow from the vents or air from the vents only during certain speeds, you may benefit from a replacement.

If that’s true, it’s best to upgrade because a more efficient central air replacement cost is reduced by the energy savings. You’ll immediately see the results in your monthly utility bills with an upgrade in your heating and cooling system. If utility expenses are a concern, you may choose to upgrade before the new regulations require the more expensive motor.

Ray & Son offers free estimates for new systems, so take them up on it. It can’t hurt to find out. Also, finance options are available to spread payments out over a longer period of time. This helps keep household budgets under control.

Again, because the air conditioner uses the furnace’s blower motor to move conditioned air through the home, you’ll experience the efficiency savings every month of the year.

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