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New HVAC Systems Need Love Just Like a New Car

So you’ve recently upgraded your HVAC system – congrats! You’re already seeing the benefits of improved comfort and lower energy bills and to keep these benefits up, new furnace maintenance is important.

Many homeowners mistakenly think since their HVAC system is brand new, it doesn’t need the TLC older equipment does because it hasn’t been in service long. This misconception can be costly, lowering efficiency, contributing to breakdowns, and even shortening the service life of the HVAC system you invested in. Imagine skipping oil changes for a year or two with a new car. Sounds irresponsible, right? HVAC systems are sophisticated equipment and deserve the same care from Day One. Be sure to schedule new HVAC system maintenance every year with Ray & Son to preserve the operation, efficiency, and service life of your new furnace.

New HVAC System Maintenance Protects Your Investment

It’s no secret purchasing a new HVAC system costs a pretty penny. You made an investment in a new furnace, so respect the financial outlay to gain years of continued comfort and service. New HVAC system maintenance protects your system from the wear and tear over the course of normal and heavy use, correcting issues causing the system to consume excess energy and run hard, leading to breakdowns.

New HVAC system maintenance is a minor investment compared to the overall cost of installing a new HVAC system and it’s absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t buy a new car and never have a tune-up, would you? Your new HVAC system needs to be thought of in the same way – with the TLC a tune-up provides, your HVAC system will retain the value it gives you, which is reliable comfort over many years.

New HVAC System Maintenance Maintains Your Warranty

Warranty coverage is a deciding factor why you may have chosen a particular HVAC system. Did you know HVAC system manufacturers recommend annual HVAC system maintenance, even for new systems? Not caring for your HVAC system properly can void warranty terms, leaving you without coverage when you need it down the road and you’ll be forced to pay repair costs out of pocket.

HVAC system maintenance shouldn’t start a few years after purchase. New HVAC system maintenance needs to be scheduled within your furnace’s first year of service, so it’s ready to perform as expected for the heating or cooling season to come. Give your new HVAC system the maintenance it needs to keep your warranty intact in case malfunctions occur – you don’t want to lose these valuable benefits over skipping the cost of a simple new HVAC system maintenance visit!

Join the Comfort Club

Ray & Son makes it easy to stay on top of new HVAC system maintenance with our Comfort Club! As a Comfort Club member, you’ll receive annual tune-ups for both your furnace and air conditioning systems, scheduled with our skilled technicians. We guarantee your HVAC system will be free from repairs for 90 days following service or your tune-up is free! New HVAC system maintenance increases efficiency, so if you don’t save the value of your tune-up within 90 days of service, we’ll cover the difference.

Don’t neglect new HVAC system maintenance just because your heating system is young! Schedule HVAC system maintenance with Ray & Son today to keep your new HVAC system performing just like new, year after year!