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Celebrate Military Caregivers in March

In America, we recognize March as Month of the Military Caregiver and an opportunity to honor these selfless members of our communities. At Ray & Son, we humbly salute these spouses, parents, children, family, neighbors, friends and social organizations who care for our nation’s wounded, ill or injured military members.

Special Offers for Military Members

As a Special Thank You to active and retired military personnel, we’re extending two special offers during the month of March.

Heating and Air Check $49

For members of the military or a caregiver for a military member, we’ve discounted our comprehensive heating and air check to $49. This is a great value and provides peace of mind. Routine service for an HVAC system helps it run more efficiently, which in turn leads to lower energy bills and greater reliability.

$500 Discount on New HVAC System Installations

Our second offer is $500 off any new HVAC system installation. If you’ve been on the fence, now is a great time before scorching summer temperatures arrive.

HVAC Finance Options

As always, we offer HVAC finance options to help homeowners get a properly-functioning and efficient system sooner. Financing spreads out the payments while enjoying more comfort and lower energy bills from upgraded HVAC technology.

Caregivers in the United States

Caregiving, in general, is a growing category for Americans, especially as the population ages and most caregivers do it while balancing additional work and family obligations. By dedicating themselves to such a responsibility, caregivers are contributing to our veterans’ health and well-being, enabling rehabilitation and recovery and improving quality of life.

According to Rand, 5.5 million people in the United States currently provide care for veterans. If you know someone in this role, encourage them to take care of himself or herself too. Too frequently, many caregivers put individual needs last, often resulting in health problems of their own.

Based on studies, an easy way to assist them is through support groups to find resources and emotional support. If you know a family in this situation, offer to take care of childcare, carpooling, errands, landscaping tasks or to spend time with the veteran. Respite is often a valuable commodity.

Service Project Idea: Help Caregivers Save Money & Restore Some Peace of Mind

If you belong to a charitable organization, a thoughtful and meaningful service project could be to “gift” an HVAC service plan to a caregiver and his or her family.

At Ray & Son, for example, our service plan, or Comfort Club, includes two preventative maintenance tune-ups for your HVAC System. Most people tune-up air conditioners in the spring and furnaces in the fall.

If you use a heat pump, we recommend two tune-ups each year. Even though it’s one unit, it works all year long to keep you comfortable, so it never really gets “time off.”

During a tune-up, a NATE-certified technician performs a 17-point comprehensive inspection. He or she also inspects, cleans and lubricates various components which can prevent small issues from turning into big problems. This easily gives the caregiver and often, head of the household, one less worry.  

First, a service plan also ensures a home’s heating and cooling is operating as efficiently as possible. The more efficient, the lower the utility bills. Second, a “healthy” HVAC system also contributes to healthy indoor air quality, often a necessity for anyone with respiratory or cardiac illnesses.

Third, routine maintenance provides immeasurable peace of mind for homeowners and caregivers. Many depend on consistent temperatures, good air quality and controlled humidity for the comfort of their loved ones.

Fourth, a well-maintained system is less likely to suddenly break down and leave a family in sweltering heat or chilly temperatures with an unexpected bill. Nothing ruins plans or household budgets like a surprise emergency repair.

Finally, regular service by qualified HVAC contractors is frequently a condition of manufacturer’s warranties. Don’t risk losing warranty coverage with system neglect!

Ray & Son Salutes Military Personnel and Caregivers

At Ray & Son, we want to share our knowledge and take care of you and your home. We encourage you to improve your air quality, as well as assure your HVAC system is healthy and reliable with the discounted investment in a Comfort Club membership. Monthly payments are available.

Locally and family-owned, Ray & Son has more than 50 years of experience in heating and cooling. We continuously train our team of NATE-certified technicians to assist you with all your HVAC needs. Also, did you know we have a referral program? We love to thank our loyal customers!

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