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It is Cooling Down and My Heating and Air Does Not Work

Treat yourself to a new HVAC system

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, your home comfort needs will begin to shift from air conditioning to heating. Did your AC unit barely make it through the summer, or do you notice your heat doesn’t work as well as it did last winter?

Now may be the time to invest in a new and more efficient heating and air system. Even if your system doesn’t show signs of a repair soon, an upgrade could be a great option for improved comfort and lower utility bills. Read on to explore the benefits!

Better heating and air efficiency means lower bills

New technology has brought significant advances in the energy efficiency of HVAC systems, compared to 20 or even 10 years ago. If you have gotten used to the higher utility bills produced by an old yet functional heating and air system, you may be surprised to learn how much lower your bill can be with a new system. In some cases, the money you save could actually cover the price of your heating and air installation.

New HVAC system features help to heat and cool your home more evenly

Have you noticed cold or warm spots in your home? These could be caused by uneven heating and air conditioning, or areas your system just can’t deliver air. The newest systems offer features like variable-speed operation, different heating stages, or a zoning system.

These features help you to upgrade your comfort and enjoy more even temperature with more efficient operation.

A new heating and air system is safer and more reliable

Enjoy performance on demand and extended service life

Plain and simple, a new HVAC system saves you money on repairs. If you’ve dumped money into your old heating and air conditioning system just to keep it in minimal operation, you will eventually reach a point where the cost of the repair is more than your system is worth.

Why not use the money you’d spend on bandage repairs to invest in a new system? A new heating and air conditioning system will treat you to consistent operation with a longer service life. You’ll save money in the long run, and you’ll enjoy greater comfort and more reliable operation right away.

Additionally, a new heating and air installation is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency throughout your home. Leaky ductwork or openings can be significant sources of energy loss, which result in increased utility costs.

A new furnace can protect your household from an invisible danger

Another kind of potential leak can become a significant safety issue. An older furnace is more likely to corrode and release carbon monoxide into your home’s air. In large amounts, carbon monoxide gas can be fatal.

A new furnace will be better built with less potential for corrosion and leaks. New units also include additional safety features to detect and prevent carbon monoxide leaks.

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