Install That New Central Air Conditioner in Your Lake Park Home This Fall, and Here’s Why

installing a new central ACFall may seem like an unusual time for installing a new central A/C in your home. After all, the major part of cooling season is nearly over and the weather is likely to be milder in the coming months. However, fall can be the best time for an air conditioner installation or replacement.

Here are some of the main reasons this is true:

  • After-season specials and savings: When the height of cooling season is over, demand for air conditioners drops. This can mean a decrease in business for your cooling contractor as A/C work slows. To keep business coming in, your HVAC provider may offer discounts on cooling systems and installation. There may be leftover air conditioner units that your contractor would be willing to sell at a discount to make room for incoming furnaces and heating systems.
  • Better service: Fall is typically a slow time for air conditioner sales and installation. If you buy a new central A/C system during this time, it’s likely your HVAC contractor will be able to spend more time helping you with your purchase and installation. There are fewer demands on technicians’ time since urgent service calls, emergency system replacements, and other crises are less likely to happen when air conditioners are being used less. You can get additional help choosing your new system and better advice on the type of equipment for your needs.
  • Better installation: An air conditioner technician will likely be able to spend more time on your system installation in the fall. This can ensure a better installation that is safe, secure and reliable. If you need ductwork cleaning, repair or renovation, there will be more time available for this project. Installation costs should be lower since there’s less demand on installers’ and technicians’ time.

For nearly 50 years, Ray & Son Heating and Air Conditioning has served HVAC customers in South Georgia and North Florida. Contact us today for more information on installing a new central A/C in your home and for details on the advantages you can receive for installing a cooling system in the fall.

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