5 Tips To Prep Your HVAC Systems Before Leaving For Vacation This Winter

HVAC Systems before Leaving for a Vacation

Headed to the tropics? If so, don’t forget a great shady hat—and to prepare your furnace before you leave.

Are you thinking about taking off for a vacation? If the answer is yes, you should not forget to take care of your most trusted friend—in a mechanical manner of speaking.

What else can you rely on to keep warm during the summers and cozy during the winters? Your furnace or heating system is a necessity these days without which our life on this earth would be somewhat miserable, particularly for those residing in the southeastern parts of the US.

Whether you are preparing for a tropical getaway during the winters or a cabin during the summers, it’s important that you prep your HVAC before leaving.

Here are 5 tips that can help ensure that the heating and cooling device remains in great shape when you come back to your home after the vacation.

1. Set the right temperature

Before reading on, please take a moment of your time to answer this quick quiz: When heading for a vacation it is better to turn off the HVAC system. Is this statement true or false?

If you answered true to the above question, then you are wrong.

While turning off the HVAC system when heading off for a vacation may help in conserving the energy, we would not recommend you this.

The reason is that the heating and cooling system is designed to run continuously. Keeping the system running will prevent frozen pipes during the winters and development of moisture and mold during the summers. So, you should turn the knob of the thermostat about five degrees higher than your comfortable temperature before going on a summer vacation, and five degrees lower than the comfortable temperature before going on a winter vacation.

2. Install a surge protector

Another important thing that you should do before taking a vacation is to install a surge protector for the system. This is an effective and inexpensive way to protect your costly HVAC system from being toasted due to a power spike or outage. You can contact the local HVAC repair company to know about the best surge protector for the system.

3. Install fresh air filters

Installing a new air filter is always a good idea. But it’s especially so when going out of town for a vacation. This will ensure that your unit does not take extra energy when operating. A clean air filter will make sure that the HVAC system works efficiently and does not break down when you are away.

4. Clear debris from the exterior unit

Make sure that you clear leaves, sticks, tree limbs, and grass clippings near the exterior unit that may hinder the flow of air. Clogged air vents can strain the HVAC unit performance leading to a mechanical failure. That’s why it’s important that you clear the nearby debris and ensure about two spaces around the unit.

5. Get it checked by a professional

The fifth and most important advice before leaving for a vacation is to get the HVAC unit checked by a professional technician. An experienced professional can carry out the necessary maintenance and repair works that will ensure it is running smoothly when you come back from the vacation.

Have Ray & Son prepare your HVAC systems for your vacation

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