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HVAC Lingo Part Two

Industry jargon explained

Your HVAC equipment is one of the most expensive investments in your home. Residents in southern Georgia and northern Florida, especially, know how critical they are to comfort, air quality and safety. At Ray & Son, we want customers to feel comfortable with our industry terms. It helps everyone communicate better. It also helps our technicians assess and solve problems quickly. Here’s the second article in our series on HVAC lingo.

More Common HVAC Terms

Air Flow: We talk about air flow A LOT. Simply, it’s a central function of your AC, to move the air from one place to another. When airflow is obstructed, for example, the air conditioning cannot cool effectively.

In general, air conditioners move approximately 400 cubic feet per minute for each ton of AC capacity. In humid climates, such as in northern Florida and southern Georgia, the volume is lower.

Delta T: a measurement of temperature difference. After the cooling stage of a refrigeration cycle, an average functional air conditioner produces a 20-degree Fahrenheit Delta T.

Geothermal Heat Pump: A regular heat pump pulls heat in from or pushes heat to the outside air. A geothermal heat pump performs the same action. It differs by pulling heat from or extracting it to the ground. In some cases, it draws the heat from or exhausts it to a body of water.

Grille: The louvered cover for return vents.

Latent Heat: When moisture is removed from the air to lower the warmth, it’s the amount of heat removed.

Line Set: Refers to the lines connecting the evaporator coil to the condensing unit. The larger of the two refrigerant lines is the insulated, cooler, suction line. The hotter, smaller and uninsulated copper tube is the liquid line.

Load Calculation: It’s part of the HVAC design process. A tech determines the size of the air conditioner a building needs based on the heat lost or gained through the interior and exterior. The calculation considers duct losses, occupancy, appliances and function.

MERV – It’s an Acronym, Not One of our NATE-certified Techs

MERV: Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – rates HVAC filters. The higher the number, the more effectively it catches contaminants. Not all filters are MERV-rated.

Register: The type of cover on supply vents. Unlike return vents, which use a non-operable louver cover, supply vent registers have operable louvers. This allows the user to control the air flow.

Return: Part of your ductwork. This component pulls air from the house to the air handler to be conditioned.

Reversing Valve: The key part differentiator between an air conditioner and a heat pump.

Split System: A description of an air conditioner system. Describes a unit with one box inside and one outside. The inside is the evaporator coil and air handler. The outdoor unit is the condensing unit. Refrigerant lines connect the two boxes.

Static Pressure: Often too high to get optimal airflow, it’s the pressure inside your duct system.

Supply: Part of your duct system. This side pushes conditioned air back into the spaces of the building. These vents deliver cool air when the AC operates.

Next HVAC Steps

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