HVAC Inspections Matter: Schedule Annual Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Routine HVAC inspections matterIt’s a question we get a lot: Are routine HVAC inspections really important for my cooling and heating systems?

Some people assume that there is no such need for a routine inspection and paying any sum to a technician results in a waste of money.

The fact, however, is that routine inspection is essential for any heating and cooling device. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money. The cost of annual inspection will be more than worth it in the end as you will less likely pay for costly repairs.

Here is a list of four benefits of regular inspection of your HVAC system. Contact Ray & Son for your AC tune-up, or give us a call for a furnace tune-up.

Fewer emergency repairs

Regular HVAC inspection will allow you to save time, money, and stress due to a breakdown of the system midway during intense cold or hot season. Annual inspection by a qualified and experienced HVAC technician will ensure that the system keeps operating at its peak efficiency.

The technician will be able to identify potential problems and take the necessary steps to ensure that the system does not experience a major fault. The cost of annual inspection will be far less than the cost involved in an emergency fix. Emergency repairs hit hard on the budget and cause a great inconvenience to the individuals.

Greater savings on energy bills

Annual inspection of the HVAC system will also allow you to save money. When the system performs at its peak level, it will ensure that the system remains energy efficient. A fault in the heating or cooling device makes the system draw more energy that results in increased bills.

By having the system serviced regularly be a qualified technician, it will not make a dent in your wallet due to higher energy bills.

Increased lifespan of the system

An HVAC system that is clogged with dirt, dust or other debris does not work properly in heating or cooling the room. It will result in greater strain on the system that will result in a breakdown. As a result, you have to pay extra for replacement or repair of the system.

Annual inspection of the HVAC system will help extend the life of the equipment. The technician will clear the system interior during routine service to ensure that it keeps on performing well for a long duration.

Improved quality of air

Apart from making the system work harder in heating or cooling the room, accumulation of dirt and dust inside the system can greatly degrade the air quality inside the home. This can result in various health problems including eye or nose irritation, asthma attack, or flu-like systems.

The regular infection will reduce the airborne contaminants and ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment.

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