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Is Your HVAC System Ready for the Big Party?

Entertaining doesn’t have to stop when the weather is cold! When your outdoor living space is too chilly, moving the party indoors is the perfect solution – just make sure your HVAC system is ready to keep your guests comfortable. Before the party starts, change your furnace filter and use these tips to keep your home at the perfect temperature when company arrives.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Changing your furnace filter will improve your indoor air quality and help your HVAC system run better. A dirty filter is ineffective at removing airborne contaminants – if your filter is dirty, there will be more contaminants indoors, exacerbating allergy symptoms and increasing discomfort. A clean filter will pull contaminants out of the air, keeping your air and your living spaces cleaner, too!

Clogged HVAC filters also harm the system, restricting airflow. More energy is used to push air to your living areas, placing critical components under more stress and increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. Keep on top of furnace filter changes to protect your air quality and equipment.

Proper Thermostat Settings

You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home and temperature plays a serious role. A home too hot or cold means guests will be uncomfortable and your gathering unenjoyable.

The thermostat settings you prefer on a regular day are inappropriate when your home is full of guests. People bring in body heat, which increases the temperature of your living areas. Cooking for a party, starting a fire in the fireplace – these activities are common during parties and add heat to the home.

Before guests arrive, set your thermostat back a few degrees so everyone will stay comfortable when your home starts to warm up.

Get a Furnace Tune-up

The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to break down when hosting company. Regular HVAC  tune-ups protect your system from surprise breakdowns. Schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit prior to your party if you haven’t already done so for the winter. Your technician will change the HVAC filter, inspect the system, perform maintenance to improve performance and catch issues to fix before they snowball into larger repair emergencies. For the ultimate in convenience, join our Comfort Club and we’ll call YOU to set up maintenance visits twice a year!

Call for Repair Service

If you notice your HVAC system isn’t performing properly, is turning off and on frequently, is making loud, unexpected noises or presents any other issues, call Ray & Son to schedule HVAC repair service right away! We will have a technician diagnose and repair your HVAC system issues ahead of the big event so you can avoid surprise breakdowns leaving you without heat during your gathering. An HVAC system breakdown will definitely end your party too soon – resolve performance issues ahead of time to keep the good times rolling along.

Contact Ray & Son today to get your HVAC system in top shape before the big party! Schedule HVAC maintenance or repair and HVAC filter changes today!