How to Fix a Clogged AC Drain

Central air conditioning systems are outfitted with a drain line that removes condensation from the evaporator’s coils and dispenses it into the sanitary sewer line. A clogged drain can not only result in an annoying puddle on the floor near the evaporator unit, but it can cause serious damage to the mechanical components of the air conditioner itself. Fixing the drain before the problem worsens could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing the central air conditioning system.

Steps to Fix the Drain

Most clogs in air conditioner drains result from the growth and buildup of layers of algae and mold.

  • Turn off the air conditioning system at its power source.
  • Disconnect the air conditioner’s drainage pipe.
  • Use a water hose to clean out the clog while holding the pipe over the drain.
  • Alternatively, use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out the clog.
  • Once the clog is dispelled, make a solution of 10 percent bleach.
  • Pour the bleach solution into and through the pipe to kill any leftover algae or mold.
  • Reattach the drain pipe to the air conditioner.
  • Restore power to the air conditioning system.

What to Do If the Drain Is Still Clogged

If the air conditioner’s drain line is still clogged, it is best to arrange for professional AC repair. Experienced heating and cooling service technicians troubleshoot these types of problems on a regular basis and have professional grade tools to complete the task while keeping disruption to a minimum.

Preventing Future AC Drain Problems

Regular air conditioner maintenance can prevent most system problems, including clogged drains. Once per month, pour several cups of a 10 percent bleach solution down the AC drain to inhibit algae and mold growth. Be sure to schedule an annual system tune-up and inspection at the beginning of the cooling season each year.

A clogged air conditioner drain in your Valdosta, GA, home does not have to be a catastrophe. A few moments of your time should get the drain flowing again. In the event that the problem is more than you can handle, our team at Ray & Son is always available to provide AC repair and maintenance whenever you need it. Call us at any time for advice or service.