How Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

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For Florida and Georgia residents, summer cooling costs can quickly go through the roof. To save money and not have to suffer through the stifling heat, you should make sure your air conditioner stays in good shape. In the hot regions, HVAC systems can get quite a year-round workout. Regular maintenance is an investment that keeps these systems working efficiently, and helps you to save on energy bills.

It Keeps Your AC Running Efficiently

Routine maintenance is like getting a check-up at the doctor’s office. You don’t always want to wait until something is wrong. Two routine checks are recommended each year, at the start of the spring and fall seasons. Like a doctor’s visit, routine maintenance checks will make sure everything is good working order, and you will also be able to catch any developing problem before it worsens and becomes a more expensive repair job.

It Extends the Life of Your System

On average, air conditioners work for 10-15 years before it is time to replace them. Regular maintenance is essential if you want your unit to last its expected service life, or maybe even a few extra years. There are some tasks you will be able to tackle, such as changing the system’s air filters and the batteries in your thermostat. In addition, ensure there is nothing blocking air flow above or around the unit. Leaves and other debris can clog the condenser. There should be at least two feet of room on all sides of the outdoor unit, and at least five feet above. Whatever precautions you can take will certainly help. However, professional maintenance for your unit will go much further and will prevent pricey repairs for problems that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

What Happens During Routine Maintenance?

During routine maintenance, checks your HVAC technician will perform include:

  • Cleaning all components
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Replacing worn parts
  • Tightening connections
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Testing the thermostat

Routine maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your HVAC system performs as it should. In addition a properly maintained system will help you to better manage HVAC-related energy costs. Contact Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning at (229) 686-5531 for more information about our residential or commercial services, or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!